V for Vendetta, He-Man, Superman, Elektra: The Comic Reel Wrap for January 4


According to DC-On-Film is rumormongering that Senator Amidala herself, Natalie Portman, is "a done deal" for a role in the Alan Moore adaptation.


The Daily Telegraph has posted a rumor that "[Ryan] Kwanten is one of the frontrunners to play He-Man in an upcoming film version of 'He-Man,' due to be released in 2006. The actor's profile has risen of late due to his starring role in the US series 'Summerland,' but he's facing some stiff competition from 'Sex and the City' hunk Jason Lewis and The Rock."


Superman-V is reporting that "Kate Bosworth has won the role of Daily Planet's feisty yet incident prone reporter. After many young actresses screentested alongside Bradon Routh -- with Elisha Cuthbert, Claire Danes and Keri Russell all believed to have come close it was Bosworth who Singer decided on."

Meanwhile, screenwriter Dan Harris talked to the Dayton Daily News about the film. "'Superman, wait till you see it, it's going to be amazing,' Harris said. 'I wish I could tell you anything about it, but they would murder me. We're almost done with the script. We start shooting in March. Bryan Singer is directing it. It will be a back-to-basics Superman. There will be no changing of the mythology. It will be the most iconic, epic version of Superman told so far. It won't be an origin story.'"


Not that she's complaining, but Jennifer Garner is quoted over at Sci Fi Wire as saying that she was up against the wall to pull off the role. "We took something that could have been a disadvantage-we didn't have the budget Daredevil had, for example, and we didn't have the time they had on Daredevil, and we didn't have the huge scope of characters Daredevil had-and we made it work for us," Garner said. "We really focused on the story. We found a story to tell in the comic books, and we've told it. The fights and all the action you see [are] real. When you see a special effect, it's really, really cool, but this is not a special-effects-driven movie, and that's a relief to me, watching it. I love the ballet of watching people on wires and the ballet of effects, because CGI is so incredible now, but it's kind of fun sometimes to just see people on the ground beating the s--t out of each other. We went so fast that every now and then I would look at [director] Rob [Bowman] and say, 'What are we doing? Does anyone know what we're doing?' And Rob would say, 'Yeah, I know what we're doing. I know what we're doing.' And he would try to talk me through it. But I was in such a frenzy all the time and trying to keep my feet under me."


Rom Wilkinson also talked to the Dayton Daily News about playing Falcone in the Christopher Nolan-helmed DC adaptation. "'This is kind of a prequel, this Batman, so it's a young Batman,' Wilkinson said. 'And it's how he sort of first becomes Batman. I'm the first bad guy he hunts down and brings to justice. Mr. Falcone, he's called. It's good,' Wilkinson added. 'I enjoyed doing it.'"

In other news, Freeze Dried Movies has a new photo of Christian Bale in action as the Bat.

Finally, Christopher Nolan spoke to Sci Fi Wire about how he got the gig. "I was just very interested in the idea of creating a 'Batman' [film] from what I thought had never been made, which in a way is what you would have expected them to make first, which is the origin story and the journey of the character from an ordinary person to Batman," Nolan said. "I'd heard they were wondering what to do without looking for somebody to have a vision of what to do with it. It was a very appealing idea to me."


Superhero Hype has the official studio synopsis of the Frank Miller adaptation.


It's the battle of the rumor websites. After rumors that "The Incredibles" scared the spit out of the bigwigs at Marvel, Superhero Hype thinks that's a load of hooey. Their scooper said, "one of the fans in our forum has links to the FF production and he told me that some of the Cinescape article is a bit exaggerated.' According to him, Fox is not worried about the comparisons between the 'Fantastic Four' and the 'Incredibles.' The feedback from Fox was that the climax was a little limp compared to the rest of the film. To ensure that the film would have the best conclusion/climax they shelled out another $20 mill, but not due to Elasticgirl, as the articles suggest."

Superhero Hype also has some quotes from actress Kerry Washington about how she prepared for her role as Alicia Masters, saying she "did a lot of reading and studying, but after working with Jamie [Foxx, on 'Ray'] for so long, I learned what that experience of playing a blind person is like."

Finally, according to Hollywood North Report, trailers for the Richards family adventure will be attached to screenings of "Elektra."


Devoted to Smallville has some really thorough spoilers for the globe-trotting episode "Sacred."


TrekWeb noted actor Patrick Stewart's interview in SpaceView magazine, where the veteran actor talked rolling back to Westchester. On the mutant topic he said, "Everyone, my colleagues and I, we are all very pleased to be involved on this film. The filming would have to begin June 2005, because 20th Century Fox plans to release X-MEN 3 in July 2006. And it is not that simple to get all the cast together again. Unfortunately, Bryan Singer will not be involved this time, because he is directing the new SUPERMAN movie. And, as I said, is not certain that all the actors will be returning. But I am sure that Hugh Jackman will be back. He is such a crazy actor! I just saw him on stage in New York where he delivered such an extraordinary performance."

When asked about that small comic book adaptation about some alien from Krypton, Stewart said, "I also heard these rumors, but so far Bryan did not ask me about it. I had recently a small heart surgery -- nothing serious -- and while I was at the hospital, Bryan called me. We spoke a long time -- yet he did not ask me. But since I am already in two big franchises, why not also in a third or a fourth?"


Adam Richard wrote in with this tidbit: "I was the guy hosting the 'Blade: Trinity' in store signing. While David and Ryan were happily joking around about Ryan playing Wally West, David did point out that the script hasn't been written yet, and casting won't actually begin until the screenplay has been completed. David and Ryan clearly have a great rapport and I get the impression that Ryan is at the top of David's wish list, but they did go to great lengths to say that the only thing that can be confirmed is David S. Goyer is the writer and director of the project. The rest is very much up in the air."


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