V for Vendetta, Fantastic Four, Superman, X-Men 3: March 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Tons of news, led off by the launch of the official website, which (as of press time) simply covers the press conference that will herald the rest of our news (including video clips, photos and a full transcription of what transpired). It also notes that actor Stephen Rea has joined the cast, but they didn't disclose his role.

Finally, MyMovies.net has some quotes from the producer Joel Silver about the film, bonking any hopes for a sequel. "'V For Vendetta' is a one shot deal and there will be no sequel as Silver confirmed, saying 'This is it, it doesn't go past this.'"


Hollywood North Report notes that reshoots are slated to happen next week. "Fantastic Four has taken up residence at The Bridge Studios for reshoots right across the street from Vancouver Film Studios where the film was shot last year. Reshoots under the direction of Tim Story will take place March 9th thru March 14th at the Eastside facility. The studio does boast 'North America's Largest Effects Stage' and from what we hear the footage to be reshot and the pickup shots done will be predominantly SPX related."

Also, this site has new photos from the film.


There's a video clip (Windows Media only) of an interview where director Bryan Singer spoke about the film. What? Don't wanna use Windows Media? Well, all right, Superhero Hype has the highlights from one of their readers: "Bryan Singer was on along with Michael Mann. The guys on the show asked him questions on the movie but one interesting tidbit was when it was pointed out it was going to be released June 30th 2006. Also, they asked him why he casted an unknown actor, he replied on the fact that he seemed like the person to do it and Bryan Singer casted Brandon Routh himself." Meanwhile the countdown to principal photography continues at Superman-V.com where they have a report from the set of the Kent farm.


Yahoo! News reports that Halle Berry is once again in talks to don the white wig and return as Ororo Monroe. "Storm has been a little shortchanged," Berry says. "If we go back and do one more, which we're all in talks of doing, it will be paramount that Storm rise up and be the true warrior and woman that she is in the comic book, which was why I got involved in the first place."

Meanwhile, IGN's FilmForce talked about Marvel's continuing hunt for a director. "the shortlist of directors to succeed Bryan Singer as director of X-Men 3 has been narrowed to five or six names. One of those names, according to a trusty source, is Zack Snyder ('Dawn of the Dead'). We were advised, however, that just because Snyder is on the list doesn't mean he's got the job. 20th Century Fox is expected to make a final decision shortly."

Finally, screenwriter Zak Penn told Sci Fi Wire that he's already fretting about how to make the characters all balance out. "It's not just about including everyone," Penn said. "It's really more about how you give everyone more and better screen time. he answer is that you can't, and you have to make really difficult choices. That's actually the most difficult thing about writing an 'X-Men' movie. I think on 'X-Men 2,' I counted 14 main characters, and I haven't even begun to count how many there are now. It's actually very difficult. It might not seem it, but it's a very difficult writing assignment in a lot of ways, because it's so complicated juggling all these different storylines. The movie is still coming together, but I believe that all the major players are back."


Devoted to Smallville has screen captures from last week's episode "Lucy," as well as compiling Lex Luthor's emails from the Verizon Wireless promotion.


Superhero Hype has set photos from Melbourne and an updated report from their scoopers, talking about a befuddled Nicolas Cage and one of the producers explaining the choice of location.


According to the Palisadian-Post, visual effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk, a veteran of the second sequel, is already working on the third film. Meanwhile VFXWorld (registration required) notes that animation supervisor Spencer Cook has joined Sony Imageworks and is working on Spider-Man 3 as well.

Finally -- and this one's for Heidi MacDonald -- actor Bruce Campbell tells The Age "I gave Spider-Man his name in the first one, and I defeated Spider-Man in the second one (that snooty usher I played didn't let him into the theatre). In the third, there'd better be something just as amazing."


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