Use your Ralphs card to benefit the Hero Initiative

One of the many ways the Hero Initiative, the nonprofit that helps comic creators in need, raises money is through the Ralphs Reward Card charity program. The grocery store chain runs a program where you can attach an approved charity to your Ralphs Reward Card, and a small percentage of your purchases goes to the charity, courtesy of Ralphs.

Every September, Ralphs resets the cards, so basically if you've signed up for the Hero Initiative in years past, you'll need to do it again. You can find instructions on how to sign up on the Hero Initiative's blog.

"Seriously, folks, if you do this once, we get a few nickels every time you shop, and multiplied by a San Diego Comic-Con full of people, it’s the best, easiest way we’ve found to raise funds,"writes Jim McLauchlin. "Totally painless. And hot dammit, you need bologna and Q-Tips anyway!"

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