Usaopoly Releases "Monopoly: Transformers" Collectior's Edition

Official Press Release

When it comes to MONOPOLY: The Transformersâ„¢ Collector's Edition, there's more than meets the eye. Classic MONOPOLY game play is infused with a Transformers twist for a board game that's truly out of this world.

Based on the Generation 1 comic book and animated series, this special collector's edition lets players battle it out for complete control of the cities, bases and planets in the Transformers universe. Transformers fans and MONOPOLY junkies alike can further their cause for peace as Autobots or satisfy their hunger for power as Decepticons by choosing from six brand new collectible pewter tokens including:


* Optimus Prime* Megatron

* Shockwave

* Ravage

* Ironhide

* Grimlock

Fans will be happy to see that USAOPOLY has stayed true to the original version with the familiar customized game board, featuring planets, bases locations and transports including Earth, Cybertron, Autobot City and Dinobot Island. The Ark, Space Bridge, The Nemesis and Transwarp Drive replace traditional railroad spaces while Teletran-1 and Victor Sigma replace Electric Company and Water Works, respectively. Players can collect purple Energon Cubes and red Anti-Matter, traditionally Houses and Hotels, in an effort to improve their properties and bankrupt their opponents. The board game center image pits Optimus Prime against Megatron, reminding players of their role in the ultimate war between good and evil.


Fans will decipher their directives on Autobot and Decepticon cards (replacing the classic Chance and Community Chest cards). Alternate rules for double number rolls provide an additional exciting dimension of gameplay, where players can stop each other, no matter the cost, by creating new Transformers, removing Energon Cubes from other players or attacking to control another player's property.

Only one player will be left standing, the rest will fall in MONOPOLY: Transformers Collector's Edition. The game hits stores June 2009 on the heels of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the newest film addition to the Transformers movie franchise. Made under license from HASBRO, the Transformers Collector's Edition of MONOPOLY is a must-have for every Transformers fan. The game is designed for ages 8 and older and will be available for $35.99at specialty retailers nationwide including Barnes & Noble, Borders, JC Penney, Go the Game Store and Amazon.com.

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