Usagi Yojimbo #124

Story by
Art by
Stan Sakai
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

Of all the towns in all the provinces in all Japan, Usagi's wanderings have to bring him to this one . . .

Boss Higa has controlled his town with a stone fist for as long as anyone can remember. But a new gang has arrived intent on driving him out, and as backup they've brought along the best swordsman money can buy. All Higa's got on his side is some puny, long-eared ronin as a bodyguard. If this new gang can't be beaten through force, it may be time to resort to trickery.

* 2009 Eisner Award nominee for Best Continuing Series

"Honestly, Usagi Yojimbo is almost hard to review at times because it's near-perfect."

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