Urban Is Game To Star In A "Worthy Follow Up" To "Dredd"

Karl Urban doesn't want to be done with "Dredd." The actor has long been a cheerleader for the film, which underwhelmed at the box office upon its release in 2012 but has since found a vocal cult following. Fans have launched campaigns to get movie studios and TV networks to notice the franchise, and Urban has recently stated that "conversations are happening" about possibly bringing the character back in some form.

Urban continued to stump for "Dredd" in a new interview with Den of Geek.

"I'm amenable to being involved in any legitimate and worthy follow up to 'Dredd,' whether it be another theatrical release or a Netflix/Amazon targeted production," said Urban when asked if he'd be up for starring in a "Dredd" TV show. "I think the best thing that fans can do is to continue be vocal about their support. Organize more fan screenings of 'Dredd,' that's one of the key factors that helped 'Blade Runner' find its true audience. I would be blessed and it would be a privilege to make another 'Dredd.' I feel so incredibly grateful to the fans of this movie."

The "Bring Back Dredd" petition is still going strong, with over 152,000 signatures.

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