Updates on Peter David's Condition Following Stroke

As reported over the weekend, fan-favorite comic scribe Peter David suffered a stroke while on vacation in Florida. Today, in a detailed entry on her personal blog, David's wife Kathleen described the writer's current condition and the events that led to the stroke.

"I am grateful that my husband is still alive," Kathleen David wrote, stating that the diagnosis of Peter David's condition is "a small stroke in the Pons section of his brain."

"Now we have to figure out where we go from here and how we get Peter back to what he was before the stroke," Kathleen said. "We know that a total recovery is slim because damage to the brain doesn't go away but the brain can be trained to work around the damage and give Peter back what he has lost."

According to Kathleen David's post, Peter David had not been sleeping well for the past week and experienced blurry vision in his right eye, drooping of one side of his face, loss of feeling in his hand and was unable to move his right leg correctly -- many early warning signs associated with a stroke according to The American Stroke Association. After exhibiting these symptoms during their family's vacation in Florida, the writer was admitted to Celebration Hospital where the decision was made to transfer him to Florida Hospital in downtown Orlando. At Florida Hospital, he underwent an MRI and some other tests, and doctors subsequently determined he had suffered a stroke rather than a heart attack.

At present, Kathleen David notes that her husband has "lost most of the use of his right arm, his right leg is incredibly weak, the vision in his right eye is blurry, and the right side of his face is drooping slightly.

"But the brain is there with all its quips and quick retorts," she continued. "He has had the nurses laughing a lot.

"Today we figure out what the next step is and where it is going to happen. Tonight the New Year Begins and for us it is a very different beginning than we thought we were going to be having. Thank you everyone for your good wishes, prayers and kind words. They do help. And big thank you to our Orlando buddies who have taken us into their houses and helped us deal with what is going on.

"Continue to think good thoughts for Peter," she concluded. "This is not going to be easy for him or us but we will get through this together."

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