Updates from Marvel Comics, east coast cons related to the attacks

Bill Rosemann, the Marketing Communications Manager of Marvel Comics sent a letter to comics Web sites today in an unofficial capacity to update fans on developments at Marvel Comics headquarters in Manhattan:

"While I am not speaking for Marvel in an official capacity, I can say that -- as far as I know -- the Editorial crew at Marvel is okay," Rosemann told CBR News in his letter. "Fortunately, our offices are 3 to 4 miles due North from the World Trade Center. After the horrific attacks we gathered by radios and TVs to monitor the events. Some went to donate blood, an action all of us should consider. Around noon, a group of us, after attempting to contact friends and family members, exited the city on one of the few trains leaving Manhattan. Please put the minds of the freelance and comic book reading community at ease if they're worrying about us and our proximity to the attacks. The people who truly deserve our thoughts and prayers are those caught in the crossfire, those who are trying to help them, and those in any way touched by this tragic event."

Newsarama also spoke with officials at DC Comics and their headquarters offices went unaffected. The DC Comics offices are located toward upper Manhattan, well clear of the World Trade Center complex.

In addition to the earlier news that Expo 2001 would be canceled this weekend, another convention, this time held in New York City, announced it's cancellation. The Big Apple Comic Book, Art and Toy Show scheduled for this coming weekend has been postponed until October 12th and 13th.

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