UPDATED: Retailer Postcard Gives a Glimpse into Marvel's Future, Uatu's Demise

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Two years after its initial release, it looks like some of the seemingly forgotten plot points introduced in Marvel Comics' November 2011 "Point One" one-shot may be primed for a payoff.

"Don't be surprised if we come back to that story at some point in the near future," Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso teased when discussing the one-shot's Watcher framing sequence in a 2011 edition of Axel-In-Charge, and this week, that friendly advice appears to be coming to fruition. Retailers have begun receiving a postcard from Marvel, featuring the chalk outline of The Watcher, bloody smears where his eyes would be, and the date of May 2014. While no creators are named on the card and there is no signature, CBR has confirmed with a Marvel spokesperson that it is a legitimate Marvel mailer, designed as an early promotional tool for next summer's big event.

In the "Point One" framing sequence by Ed Brubaker and Javier Pulido, a pair of space-suited figures crept around a slumbering Uatu, The Watcher as they caught glimpses of stories and events yet to come, including "Avengers vs. X-Men," the debut of Sam Alexander as Nova, the return of the Scarlet Spider and the reality-altering "Age of Ultron." The issue ended with the duo scurrying away from Uatu's home as the slumbering giant began to awaken, closing with the threat that someone or something called The Unseen would soon kill the Watcher, "and all of his secrets will be ours."

Check out the postcard image below, first surfaced on Bleeding Cool, along with the ominous page from "Point One."

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