UPDATED: Playstation's "Powers" Seeking Extras For Retro Girl's Funeral

UPDATED at 8:13 AM.

If you're an Atlanta-based fan of "Powers," Brian Michael Bendis, Playstation or comic book TV shows, then it looks like you have something to do on Monday. The Playstation Network original series "Powers" is looking for hundreds of extras to appear in the funeral scene for Retro Girl, as co-creator Brian Michael Bendis revealed in a call to action post on his Tumblr.

Post redacted at the request of Oglethorpe University's film and television liason. Those interested in extras work on "Powers" should follow these directions:

If you are interested in the opportunity to appear on "Powers," then please email: Powers2@RoseLockeCasting.comInclude 3 pictures (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt and all contact info.

The death of Retro Girl kicked off the very first "Powers" comic story back in 2000, with an arc called "Who Killed Retro Girl?" Bendis states that he will be in attendance along with "most of the cast" and "hundreds of extras," as well as "all kinds of crazy." Bendis also revealed that he wrote the episode and is producing it.

There are a few rules for people wishing to pop by and be in "Powers," though: "Don't wear anything with a logo or copyright property on it, no white T-shirts, and no garish colors. get ready to yell and scream. but on set, be cool."

"Powers" returns for its second season on the Playstation Network in 2016.

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