Updated ComicBase Atlas collecting program shipping now

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Hardcore comic collectors can start rejoicing for the much-anticipated ComicBase Atlas has shipped. A huge upgrade for high-end collector program ComicBase, it includes everything from mobile access on your iPhone or Blackberry, to international currency support and cover downloading in the Archive Edition. Its massive database which lists virtually every English-language comic has grown to include foreign editions, adding over 100,000 issues over last year’s version.

A program like ComicBase Atlas is vital to today’s savvy comic book buyers and sellers, especially when it comes to keeping up with the tumultuous changes in values we’ve seen in just the past year. Working with Comics Buyer’s Guide, Heritage Auctions, and Atomic Avenue, Atlas accurately tracks the verified pricing for over 420,000 comics. Weekly updates add hundreds, and often thousands, of issues to keep the program up to date with new values and information.

Furthermore, the program is now as mobile as its users. ComicBase Atlas users can now keep their collection data with them on their Blackberry, Palm, Symbian OS or Windows Mobile phones—even a Playstation Portable! And, of course, the Apple iPhone is also supported.

The top-of-the line ComicBase Atlas Archive edition ships on 3 DVDS packed with all the program’s copious information, as well as over 205,000 full-size covers. With ComicBase Atlas, Archive edition users can also download new covers in real time. A Blu-ray Disk edition is also available, containing over 26 GB of content with quarterly updates.

Peter Bickford, ComicBase’s creator, says “This is by far the most awesome version we’ve ever done. Whether you’re checking your comic list on your iPhone on the road, or downloading the pictures and prices from this week’s releases, ComicBase Atlas is a version no comic collector is going to want to miss.”

All full versions of ComicBase Atlas include a one-year subscription with weekly price and data updates. ComicBase Atlas is available now from Human Computing at www.comicbase.com or (408) 266 6883. The ComicBase Atlas Express Edition is $49.95; the ComicBase Atlas Professional Edition is $129; the ComicBase DVD Archive Edition is $299; and the ComicBase Blu-ray Disk Edition is $399. Discounts are available for current ComicBase users, with a special upgrade sale running through October 31.

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