UPDATED: All of Marvel's Mysterious Event-Based Teasers in One Place

UPDATE 11/3/2014: 10:45 AM PT: With the release of the "X-Men '92" teaser by Pepe Larraz, Marvel's event-based teasers are now at a total of 15 -- and all can be seen below.

UPDATE 10/31/2014 6:45 PM PT: This week brought four new event-based teasers from Marvel -- the publisher took Tuesday off to let the major Marvel Studios news have the spotlight -- and all 14 released thus far follow below. It doesn't look like Marvel is quite done yet with this teaser campaign, so keep reading CBR for more -- and for the inevitable news on what these teasers are actually leading towards.

For the past two weeks, each weekday Marvel has released a teaser image, drawn by some of the highest-profile artists in the industry, relating to past major events in the Marvel Universe -- though with things altered somewhere between slightly and drastically. It started innocently enough the day after New York Comic Con with a "Civil War" teaser illustrated by Adi Granov which looked like a fairly typical representation of that famous 2006-2007 story -- but was followed by more puzzling images like "Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies," "Years of Future Past," alternate takes on "Armor Wars," "Infinity Gauntlet" and "Planet Hulk" and even a teaser heavily suggesting the long-speculated end of the Ultimate Universe, drawn by Mark Bagley (who drew 111 issues of "Ultimate Spider-Man"). No further information has accompanied these teasers, other than a common date of "Summer 2015."

A total of 10 teasers have been released -- with no sign yet of stopping -- and no answers have been publicly provided by Marvel as to what this is leading towards. The prevailing speculation is that it's linked to "Secret Wars," a forthcoming 2015 event by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic that, like these teasers, borrows a title from Marvel history, and looks to encompass a very wide range of the company's fictional worlds. In this week's AXEL-IN-CHARGE column, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso provided the most insight yet into what these images are all about.

"What I can say is that none of these teasers are for 'What If?' stories," Alonso said. "These stories really happen. And they happen in real-time -- they're not flashbacks. They count."

Feel free to fuel your speculation further with this gallery of all 10 images released so far, and keep reading CBR for the very latest on Marvel's mysterious teasers.

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