UPDATE: Wood & Coipel's "X-Men" Delayed Until May

UPDATE 3/5/2013 3:36 PM PT: Brian Wood has commented on the nature of the delay on Twitter.

"Yes, we're changing the schedule for the X-Men launch," Wood said. "This is to ensure we don't need fill-ins. And it's temporary, we'll be back to normal within a couple months."

To ring in 2013, Marvel Comics announced a new volume of "X-Men" by Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel featuring an all-female cast of Marvel's merry mutants. While the series was originally slated to drop April 17, word began to circulate this morning that the title's first issue will see a six week delay to May 29. When contacted by CBR, Marvel representatives confirmed the information provided to Diamond was accurate.

Wood spoke with CBR in January about the series shortly after its announcement, and the writer declared his intention to make it a title that belongs with the rest of the Marvel Universe.

"It's not off and doing its own thing (like my 'X-Men' was last year)," Wood told CBR. "Taking one as an example, Psylocke is up to a lot over on 'Uncanny X-Force,' obviously, and it's going to clash with what she's doing here. She's going to have to struggle to keep it separate, since her role or her mandate here is pretty different. But that just makes for great stories, great character moments. One of the best things, I feel, about my previous run on 'X-Men' was how the characters were pulled in different directions, how they had to make choices and pick sides and reconcile loyalties. It'll keep things interesting, and will give readers a more complex character."

"X-Men" #1 hits stores May 29

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