UPDATE: McCarthy Replaces Reeder on "Batwoman," Benes Fills In On "Detective"

UPDATE: According to comments on Amy Reeder's Facebook page, it looks as though Trevor McCarthy will actually be replacing Amy Reeder as artist for "Batwoman" #9 through #11, heralding Reeder's exit from the book.

"It's definitely regrettable," Reeder said via Facebook. "Some real creative differences were going on, to the point that it became untenable."

Original story follows below.

DC Comics continues its New 52 creative shake-up with the announcement of fill-in artists for both "Batwoman" and "Detective Comics." According to the official DC blog, "Batman: Gates of Gotham" artist Trevor McCarthy will join co-writers J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman on "Batwoman" #9 with Williams to return as ongoing artist following issue #11. Meanwhile, "Red Lanterns" artist Ed Benes joins Tony S. Daniel for "Detective Comics" #10 following the massive "Night of the Owls" crossover. Daniel will resume his post as going artist following issue #12.

"We're excited to be getting such great talent to step in on these books," DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras told the DC blog. "The work on both titles thus far has been exemplary. Tony Daniel has been going non-stop since the launch of DC Comics - The New 52 and Amy Reeder's contribution to 'Batwoman' has been a beautiful transition from J.H.'s first story arc. Both Trevor and Ed are going to have to bring their A-game to maintain those standards."

In January, Batman group editor Mike Marts spoke with CBR about the direction of the Bat-books for 2012. "J.H. and Hayden have a long story planned out, we have story beats going into the third year so there is a lot of story here to tell," Marts said of Batwoman. "A lot of it with Kate, we have some guest stars from other areas of the DCU coming in, we have appearances by Batman and other members of the Bat family, so a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to in this title."

Stay tuned to CBR for more on DC's creative shifts for the New 52.

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