UPDATE: Fox Refutes "Fantastic Four"/Marvel Studios Rumor

UPDATE 10:00 AM PT: The rumored deal between 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios involving "Fantastic Four" is not true, according to a Fox representative when reached by CBR News.

Earlier today, a report from Den of Geek stated that Fox had traded the live-action rights to Fantastic Four in exchange for the TV rights to the X-Men, with word quickly spreading online. Den of Geek has since run their own update of the story, stating that Fox informed them the story is "completely untrue."

Possibly following in the tradition of Marvel Studios' deal with Sony regarding Spider-Man, it looks like Marvel's first family may be the next wayward property to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Den of Geek has been given information from an unidentified source that states that the Fantastic Four's film rights have been traded from Fox back to Marvel. What did Fox make that trade for? The TV rights to the X-Men.

Now, even Den of Geek is presenting this rumor with a grain of salt, clarifying that they don't yet have another source to back up this claim -- but the rumor does have some things going for it:

If the rumor is true, that means we could see a new Marvel-integrated "Fantastic Four" film in 2020, five years after the failure of this year's Fox-developed "FF" film. This development has precedence, considering that the less than impressive performance of "Amazing Spider-Man 2" led Sony to strike a similar deal with Marvel/Disney earlier this year, a move that will bring Spider-Man into the MCU in a solo film in 2017.

CBR has reached out to Marvel/Disney for comment.

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