UPDATE: DC Releases Jim Lee, Ivan Reis' Covers for "Justice League" #6

UPDATE: DC Comics has released Ivan Reis' variant cover for "Justice League" #6.

Darkseid Rules -- on Jim Lee's just-revealed cover for next week's "Justice League" #6.

While the League's upcoming face-to-face battle with the despotic leader of Apocolypse has been no secret, Lee's cover for the final chapter of his and writer Geoff Johns' first "Justice League" story arc has been kept under wraps until today. And, as Lee told DC's official blog The Source, there's plenty for fans to dissect in the image which features a League who have seemingly been defeated in their first meeting with the tyrannical New God.

"I wanted to create a cover which resonated with what I consider to be the most classic Darkseid story - namely the Great Darkness Saga - so that entailed the Justice League bowing down naturally to the power of Darkseid," Lee told the Source. "Except of course Batman who, despite not having powers, fights with all his strength in defiance."

"Justice League" #6, by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, hits stores February 29.

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