UPDATE: Costumed "Fanboy" Mistaken For "Suicide Squad's" Deadshot

Yesterday, "Suicide Squad" fans were treated to what they assumed was a double-dose of Will Smith-related reveals. First, set photos emerged of Smith decked out in the civilian garb of his character, Deadshot. Then, hours later, an image appeared online of a costumed character -- one wearing what was assumed to be director David Ayer's version of Deadshot's armor.

Spotted this on set of Suicide Squad. #SuicideSquad #toronto #willsmith #deadshot #dccomics #spoileralert pic.twitter.com/ZzCBfeOir2

- Sean O'Neill (@seansmovies) April 30, 2015

News sites quickly ran with the story -- CBR included -- reporting that the costume might be Smith's Deadshot look. Now, a new photo brought to light by ComicBookMovie has revealed that the photo of "Deadshot" was actually of a costumed set-crasher.

Hilarious that people think this is some big new #SuicideSquad character. We watched him get sent away by security. pic.twitter.com/uMXHiFmbKL

- Angelica (@AngelicaMunster) May 1, 2015

Further supporting this reveal is an article published by IGN earlier today which notes that you can purchase "Deadshot's" helmet -- and the rest of his getup -- over on Amazon in the paintball section. Keep that link in mind, cosplayers, because you could use them to create one of the most specific costumes in cosplay history -- "Suicide Squad" Set-Crasher.

"Suicide Squad" opens on August 5, 2016.

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