Up, Up And Away? Byrne and Simone Off "Action Comics"

Earlier today, artist John Byrne announced that his well-received run on "Action Comics," with red-hot writer Gail Simone, will be ending with the upcoming issue #835. On his forum, he wrote:

"The reason is no secret. Apparently it is now 'policy' to rotate the creative teams (including the editor) on Superman titles. Gail and I were hired (tho I was not told this when I agreed to do the book, or I would have declined) to 'fill the gap' between one team and the next."

Byrne did say that he was open to a reunion with Simone on the book, if circumstances permitted, and as for the new creative team, added:

"The next team -- and I have no idea who they are -- could be folks you all want to see, or, at least, more people want to see than wanted to see Gail and me. Or they could be the worst team ever put on any title, but WIZARD will declare them 'HOT!' and the knuckle-draggers will lumber into their LCSs and buy multiples of multiples.

"So many variants! O, for the days when 1 sale ='ed 1 warm body!"

Red Hood: Outlaw #30

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