Up To The Minutemen: Watchmen Casting Rumors Are Everywhere

Much was said over the weekend about attempts to bring the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons masterpiece from printed page to silver screen. The biggest piece of news came from actor Paddy Considine's official fan site. Considine was slated to play Rorschach in the film when director Paul Greengrass was signed as helmer, but he now reports that the role has gone to Jackie Earle Haley.

Meanwhile, Comingsoon.net has an interview with actor Patrick Wilson where he was coy but indicated involvement as well, after rumors linked him to the role of Nite Owl. "I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about this stuff," WIlson said. "It's been confirmed on a lot of websites, I'll just say that ... I mean, I would blab my mouth 'cause I certainly haven't been told to keep quiet. It's just out of respect for them trying to get everybody else on board before I go ahead and blab my mouth, but it's pretty cool. It's exciting stuff."

The rumors coming in from Ain't It Cool News indicate that Keanu Reeves won't play Dr. Manhattan not due to him not wanting the role, but due to the actor's asking price. Their new front runner for the role is Keanu's "Speed 2" replacement Jason Patric, and they hint that former "Punisher" star Thomas Jane will fill the boots of The Comedian.

It should be noted that all of these stories are technically still rumors: the studio has released no official comment, nor has there been any on-the-record word from director Zack Snyder.

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