Unused "Fantastic Four" Concept Art Reveals Planet Zero, Castle Doom

In light of "Fantastic Four's" disappointing box office, much has been made about what the film could have been. Screenwriter Jeremy Slater has talked about what his version of the film included and sources close to the production have opened up about an entire action sequence that was cut from the film.

Now, early "Fantastic Four" concept artist Steve Jung has posted some of the work he did for the film to his Facebook page. Jung writes in the post:

Might as well show some work from this movie called Fantastic Four lol. I was on this one early on before all the drama happened... none of my work made it to the movie (kinda glad) since it got changed many times after I left the project. Exploration of the Planet Zero and Victor's castle ideations. Btw the texture of the terrain is cigarette buds from a picture of the director's ashtray.

While Planet Zero made it into the film, Castle Doom must have been removed from the script after Jung finished with the project. You can check out the art below.

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