Unstoppable 'Attack on Titan' now has 52 million copies in print

There's seemingly no stopping Hajime Isayama’s juggernaut Attack on Titan, with Yahoo! Japan reports now has more than 52 million copies in print worldwide. That's an increase of about 2 million from the figures released in early August.

For comparison, the manga reportedly had 44 million copies in print just six months ago, when the 16th volume was released in Japan.

Debuting in 2009 in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, Attack on Titan is a post-apocalyptic fantasy set in a world where remorseless, flesh-eating giants have all but wiped out humanity, whose remnants are forced to live within a country surrounded by three enormous walls.

The growth comes at a peculiar time for Attack on Titan, as the highly anticipated live-action adaptation hasn't exactly been a crowd-pleaser, and more than two years have passed since the hit anime closed out its first season (the second season is expected to debut sometime next year). Clearly neither of those has had a negative impact on sales of the source material.

Credited earlier this year with driving the turnaround of manga sales in North America, Attack on Titan was edged out — if only barely — by perennial favorite One Piece as Japan’s top-selling manga in 2014: One Piece sold an estimated 11.9 volumes, while Attack on Titan moved 11.7 million.

And even if we set aside the spinoffs and parodies, there's still a good deal more of Attack on Titan to go: Series editor Kawakubo Shintaro confirmed last month that there's about three years' worth of story left.

(via Anime News Network)

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