Fans of the MCU love searching for easter eggs, especially references hidden in background details. These are some of the most interesting parts of the MCU, since they imply characters and storylines from the comics have to exist within the larger world of the films. One example of this is

Beta Ray Bill, who has been featured in two major easter eggs in the MCU. The first came in Guardians of the Galaxy as one of The Collector's possessions. However, there wasn't anything explicitly stating that this was Beta Ray Bill, though in the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride, we can see Beta Ray Bill's "Asgardian Hammer" (since Stormbreaker was introduced in Infinity War).

Of course, the Mission Breakout ride might not exactly be an "official" entry in the MCU, but there is still a larger easter egg we've yet to cover, the one featured in Thor Ragnarok. On the tower depicting the champions of Sakaar, Beta Ray Bill's head can be seen among them. This leads us to wonder what exactly happened to the character, and we might have an answer. Perhaps Beta Ray Bill angered the Grandmaster during his time as a champion, and in turn the Grandmaster gave him to his brother, The Collector, to be kept prisoner as punishment for whatever he did. Perhaps we will see more of Beta Ray Bill in later movies and finally get some definitive answers.


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