UnSHIELDed: SHIELDs Clash & Skye Finds Her Good Vibrations

Other Vibes

  • The unspecified cargo: This one got quite a few mentions from Gonzales and his S.H.I.E.L.D. crew, so it can't be insignificant. Let's call this Chekhov's Cargo for now. I'm guessing this could be the stuff Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos detained at the Hydra bases in "Shadows" and "The Things We Bury."

  • "Messenger for an Alien Race:" This is what Gonzales called Coulson when they discuss his resurrection via Kree blood. Whoa. Well, that's loaded. Could this be a hint as to what Coulson will become? I'm sure this isn't the last we hear about his Kree blood transfusion.
  • Good vibrations: We learned more about Skye's powers, and she even got to use it on purpose for the first time this episode. Her sequence in the Retreat revealed that she does have some modicum of control over her abilities.
  • FitzSimmons: After that heartbreaking betrayal from Mac, things seem to be on the upturn for Fitz and Simmons -- for now, anyway. It wouldn't be all that surprising if Simmons joined Gonzales' team by the end of the season, though she did have that shocking-yet-awesome moment where she took Bobbi down.

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