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UNSCREWED! Update! Auctions to benefit exploited comic creators]

by  in Comic News Comment
UNSCREWED! Update! Auctions to benefit exploited comic creators]

Official Press Release

UNSCREWED!, the organization created by comics creators, fans, and
retailers to combat illegal and unethical practices by a would-be
publisher, today announced a benefit auction to provide relief to the
artists and writers exploited by that company. Since its inception in
January, UNSCREWED! has grown quickly, amassing support from top name
talents in the comic book industry, as well as many who are just
begining their careers. Full reports of all Unscrewed! activities can be
found at the website:

The group was formed in early January of this year in response to the
publisher’s unethical business practices. After one writer’s story was
brought to light by an online journalist covering the comics business,
several other creators came forward with shockingly similar stories of
uncompensated work and threats of both physical violence and legal
prosecution. UNSCREWED! grew out of a desire to assist the injured
parties and to hold the publisher accountable.

While UNSCREWED! was forming, comics writer Mark Waid stepped forward to
personally finance legal action against the publisher. Tom Stillwell,
writer-publisher of Spinner Rack Comics’ HONOR BRIGADE and comics fan
Matt “Doc” Martin provided research and supporting evidence, with the
result that two court judgments have recently been awarded to artists
who filed suit.

With legal redress firmly underway, UNSCREWED! has turned its attention
to the first of their relief efforts, the UNSCREWED! Auctions, with a
starting line-up of 17 items available via eBay, including one-of-a-kind
and rare items from the top names in comics. The first wave of auction
items can be seen at

UNSCREWED! media representative Danny Donovan had this to say about the
auctions taking place: “It is just amazing to see our community standing
strong in the face of something like this. For the longest time we’ve
been thought of as a closed off, insular industry, but with UNSCREWED!
we’re proving that we’re a community. When one person is wronged by the
actions of an unscrupulous individual and [that individual] is left
unchecked, they are able to do it again to someone else. By taking a
stand we place the power back into the hands of those who create.”

The first series of UNSCREWED! Auctions includes original art by
acclaimed cartoonist Scott Shaw! of his characters from Captain Carrot
and the Zoo Crew; individual headshots of Captain Carrot, Fastback,
Little Cheese, Pig Iron, Rubber Duck, Yankee Poodle, American Eagle, and
Alley-Kat-Abra. At the New York Comic-Con last weekend, DC Comics
announced a new three-issue miniseries, CAPTAIN CARROT: THE FINAL ARC,
to be drawn by Shaw! from a script by Bongo Comics’ Bill Morrison.
Donovan explains, “before DC releases their brand new epic mini series,
you can own a piece of history, drawn and signed by the artist, Scott
Shaw! And if thatâ??s not enough you can also own a piece of
PRE-history,” referring to a headshot of beloved animated icon Fred
Flintstone, a character that has been a major part of Shaw’s career over
the last three decades. Starting bids for each portrait are set at $25.

Famed writer Marv Wolfman (Teen Titans; Crisis of the Infinite Earths;
creator of Blade) has contributed autographed full comic scripts from
his current series, NIGHTWING, issues #125-127, along with the published
corresponding issues (with art by Dan Jurgens) also signed by Wolfman.
Bidding on this one of a kind piece of comic book memorabilia begins at

A page of original art from Tom Bedlandâ??s popular and critically
acclaimed, award winning comic, â??TRUE STORY, SWEAR TO GODâ?? has been
donated by the author. This piece is from the original self published
version of the currently being published by IMAGE COMICS. Complete with
autograph by prolific artist/writer Tom Beland, the bidding on this
stunning piece of art begins at $200.

Kurt Busiek has donated an extremely rare deluxe hardcover edition of
his award-winning series MARVELS, which launched artist Alex Ross to
super-stardom. It is an artistâ??s proof and not available anywhere else
but UNSCREWED! Signed by both Busiek and Ross, the book features a
second autograph by Busiek with a special message for UNSCREWED! Bidding
starts at $80.

Busiek has also donated what Donovan describes as “a must have for any
fan of super-heroes,” a very rare boxed two-volume hardcover edition of
the JLA/AVENGERS crossover. Volume One contains the complete mini-series
with introductions by Stan Lee and the late Julie Schwartz, along with
character and creator biographies, while Volume Two is a compendium
featuring George Pérez’s 21 pages pf pencils from the aborted 1983
crossover; the initial plot for the current mini-series and every
character, place, and incident used in the mini-series carefully
annotated by Pérez and Busiek. As with the MARVELS auction, this item
comes signed by writer Kurt Busiek along with a very special message to
the supporters of UNSCREWED! Bidding begins at $85.

Artist Jamal Igle, of FIRESTORM and NEW WARRIORS fame, has donated a
signed piece of original art from MARVEL ADVENTURES: SPIDER-MAN #14.
Fully penciled and inked, Bidding starts at: $50. “This piece is a must
have for webheads, and a great way to kick off the countdown to
Spider-man 3!” remarks Donovan.

As new items are added to the auction list, notices will be sent to the
media and posted on the UNSCREWED! website.

In addition to the auctions, UNSCREWED! has begun a second relief
effort, the Unscrewed! Anthology, with stories and art from some of the
best and brightest artists and writers in the field. Legendary X-MEN
artist PAUL SMITH contributes a special two page story which joins a
host of stories collected in one volume, with proceeds going to help
creators in need.

For the full story and mission statement of UNSCREWED! please visit
their website at
The website will be bringing webcomics
online in the coming weeks. Parties interested in contributing work to
the site please visit the UNSCREWED! website for submission guidelines.

Donovan closes out with these remarks: “As always I want to thank our
gracious contributors and supporters in this important movement. The
outpouring of submissions, one-of-a-kind items, and overall support is
very much appreciated. Fan, Creator, Retailer alike, we thank you for

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