Unscrewed Auctions Continue To Climb!

Official Press Release

Unscrewed! (www.unscrewedcomic.com), the collection of creators, publishers, retailers, and fans which banded together at the beginning of the year to take on an immoral and unethical publisher/convention promoter and provide financial assistance to those victimized by his company, ended its second week of auctions, bringing the total raised in both auction rounds to about $1800.

Unscrewed! is also pleased to announce that their first act has been to provide financial aid to an individual that is moving forward with to collect damages awarded in a successful lawsuit against the publisher for nonpayment. Unscrewed! proudly opened its checkbook to help make sure justice is served.

The third week of UNSCREWED's auctions has begun and there are a slew of new items on tap to assist more victimized freelance creators.

"The first two weeks have been phenomenal!" Media representative Danny Donovan says. "This week we have even more one-of-a-kind pieces, one of which is the rarest of the rare: a blank piece of paper. That might not sound like a big thing but you have to know who the blank piece of paper belongs to."

Artist James A. Owen is donating his services to draw whatever the winner of the auction desires. Those interested in learning how wide-ranging Owen's talents are should visit:

"It's almost unprecedented!" Donovan explains of Owen's donations. "To say that James rarely does commissions would be the mother of all understatements, and the fact that this will be up to the imagination of the winning bidder makes it even more of a treat. Dying to see his interpretation of the battle of Minas Tirith? Or maybe your favorite JSAer or Marvel Super-Hero? Your call!"

This week's collection also features work by Rummblestrips creator Joanne Ellen Munch, who is offering up an original "Death" drawing from the cast of Neil Gaiman's Sandman along with signed editions of her Rummblestrips comic book.

52 writer Mark Waid donates a signed edition of the Superman: Birthright hardcover complete with autographed script to Birthright #1. Birds of Prey artist Nicola Scott delves into the Whedonverse, to offer a host of Angel (the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off) merchandise.

"You get two great pieces of art from the Angel: Spotlight - Illyria book." Donovan says. "The package also includes the book they appeared in, signed by Nicola!"

Also up for auction is critically acclaimed and award winning Drawn & Quarterly graphic novel The Golem's Mighty Swing, signed by the author, James Sturm.

"We thank everyone who has bid on the past two weeks of auctions." Donovan concludes. "And we thank everyone who has donated and CONTINUES to donate. Rest assured the auctions will continue for as long as there is stuff to auction off. So if you do want to contribute there is always time... And if you haven't been able to snag anything yet don't be discouraged, there is ample opportunity to get something incredible from Unscrewed! Please be sure to check the website http://www.unscrewedcomic.com for auction totals and up-to-date information on the upcoming anthology."

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