Unprecedented Early Release for "Captain America" #600

Captain America

Theories about the return of Steve Rogers as Captain America have been brewing ever since his death in "Captain America" #25, but the speculation has grown to a fever pitch following the release of two teaser images that CBR brought you first, exclusively.

On April 2nd, CBR received this teaser image, which appeared to suggest "Captain America" was a title to watch in July.

On May 11th, CBR received another teaser image, featuring the title "Girl Without A World" and a reference to "Captain America" #600.

While what exactly is happening isn't known yet, CBR News learned late Thursday that Marvel is going to support the release of "Captain America" #600 in a surprising way.

Today on the Diamond Comics Retailer Services Web site, retailers were informed via a news bulletin that they could contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative in order to receive and sell "Captain America" #600 on Monday, June 15th. This is an unprecedented move, as new comics have been traditionally only been sold on Wednesdays for over a decade, barring holiday shipping schedules.

The move to a Monday on sale date leads one to speculate that a major announcement regarding future storylines is coming on June 15th.

Adding to that is news that Marvel is rushing a second printing of "Captain America" #50. The final order cut off date for retailers to submit their orders is June 1st, with a Wednesday June 10th on sale date. Marvel hasn't rushed a book back to print in that tight of a time frame since the President Obama related "Amazing Spider-Man" issues blew up in the mainstream press.

For more on "Captain America" #600, check out this preview.

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