<i>Unnatural History</i> Creator Explains What Would've Been in Season 2

Cartoon Network may have canceled Unnatural History after only one year, but show creator Mike Werb has outlined what he'd planned for the show's future as a thank you to fans.

CN killed the live-action show due to ratings last month, prematurely ending the mystery-solving, history-spanning career of teenagers Henry, Jasper and Maggie. Describing the series as his attempt to make "a show that both kids, teenagers and parents could watch alone or together without ripping their eyeballs out," Werb has shared what he would've done had the show continue:

I had planned a 2-part opener with extreme adventures involving Genghis Khan’s tomb, a Mongolian death worm, Henry’s disappearance in a sand storm, the rescue of a newborn camel as well as Henry’s parents and uncle Bryan. The rest of season 2 (upon the leads return to DC) would have covered subjects ranging from the kids finding the 18 1/2 minute gap of the Nixon/Watergate tapes, Hemingway’s lost novel, vampire finches (they really exist), a Stradivarius violin, a Native American mystery, DB Cooper, the underground railroad, etc. etc etc — plus a deepening of the triangular relationship between Henry, Maggie and Jasper, the return of Jasper’s mother from France — among other familial and emotional issues set against historical and scientific adventures.

Personally, I'm particularly bummed that we'll never get to see a CN show explain the importance of missing audio from the Watergate tapes.

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