Unleash the Disney-Marvel mash-ups!

While some people speculate what Disney's purchase of Marvel could mean -- Runaways on ABC? A kinder, gentler Punisher? A Fin Fang Foom ride? -- others devote their time and attention to more entertaining matters: mash-ups!

I pointed out a few of them yesterday, but since then the floodgates have opened. Here are some of the ones that caught our eye. We'll update with more as we find them.

"Herbie: Fully Retarded" (above), by Chris Ward, who has more -- including "Walt Disney's Song of the South 2099"

• The rather disturbing "Face it, Tigger" (also above), by Spencer Ackerman

• Sean Kleefeld dusts off an illustration (at right) created by the legendary Wally Wood for a 1968 TV Guide article "about how comic book style heroes were starting to crowd out the more 'traditional' animated fare of Saturday mornings."

• An imaginary memo from Disney's Bob Iger to Marvel's Dan Buckley detailing some of the changes being instituted. It was created for the National Post by Steven Murray (aka Chip Zdarsky).

Gooflactus, by Adam Koford

Mouserine, by Khary Randolph

Uncle Scrooge MODUCK, by Ryan Dunlavey

Mouse ears-wearing Spider-Man, by Emilio J. Lopez

Captain Mickey, by Jason Ho

• A Mjolnir-wielding Goofy, and others, by A. David Lewis

Logald Duckerine, by SaiyaGina

The Beast joins Monsters Inc., by Raul Orozco

(Some links via Super Punch, which has more.)

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