Universal to Distribute Jackie Chan's 'CZ12'

Jackie Chan's latest film, CZ12 (aka Chinese Zodiac), is making its way to the United States, thanks to Universal Pictures. Chan directed and starred in the film, which opened in December in China and has made $180 million.

As you can see from the trailer (below), the film finds Chan's JC engaging in some corporate espionage on behalf of a company looking to get their hands on a dozen bronze heads representing the Chinese zodiac. The movie not only received the award for best action choreography at the 32nd annual Hong Kong Film Awards, but also earned a pair of Guinness World Records for Most Credits in One Movie and Most Stunts by a Living Actor.

Universal hasn't announced when CZ12 will hit theaters in the United States just yet. Chan is working with the same production team on a pair of films called Manhattan and Wolf Fang and also has Police Story 2013 in the works.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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