Universal Ready to Soar With Tyrese Gibson in 'Desert Eagle'

Universal Pictures wants to stay in the Tyrese Gibson business.

Deadline reports the studio has optioned a script co-written by the Fast and the Furious franchise star called Desert Eagle that focuses on two border patrol agents looking to take down a drug ring run from a Native American reservation casino. Gibson is expected to star.

Gibson, who started his career as a model and singer, debuted in the Fast and the Furious franchise with 2003's 2 Fast 2 Furious. He skipped the third and fourth installments, but has a staple since 2011's Fast Five.

The actor wrote Desert Eagle with Mike Le, with whom he previously served as executive producer on K-Town and Roll Models. They intend to pass the script to Valencia writers Matthew Stuecken and Josh Campbell next.

Furious 7 , which debuted a new trailer during the Super Bowl, rolls into theaters on April 3.

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