Universal Japan's 'Attack on Titan' attraction unveils new promo

Universal Studios Japan has unleashed another teaser video for "Attack on Titan The Real" that's every bit as unsettling as you'd expect from a theme park attraction based on a manga about flesh-eating giants. Which element is the most disturbing? You'll have to decide for yourselves (I'm going for a toss-up between the image above and the shot of the girl with a broken neck).

Announced last month as part of a “Universal Cool Japan” limited event that also showcases Monster Hunter, Evangelion and Resident Evil, the Attack on Titan element will have at its center a statue of the 49-foot Eren Titan fighting the 46-foot female Titan, which are featured prominently in the video.

"Attack on Titan The Real" recreates the post-apocalyptic world of Hajime Isayama’s hit fantasy manga, where remorseless, flesh-eating giants have all but wiped out humanity, whose remnants are forced to live within a country surrounded by three enormous walls.

“Universal Cool Japan” runs from Jan. 23 to May 10 at the Osaka theme park.

#CM先行公開 】あなたは、ここで「進撃の巨人」の世界の恐怖や絶望までをも味わうことになる…。来るか、来ないか、自分で選べ。「進撃の巨人・ザ・リアル」、1/23スタート。 http://t.co/GvqbxT6Sdn #USJ https://t.co/cyTOihry9w

— ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン公式 (@USJ_Official) December 26, 2014

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