Universal Drafts <i>War Heroes</i>

Universal Pictures is negotiating to pick up War Heroes, an adaptation of the still-unfinished 2008 miniseries by Mark Millar and Tony Harris, Heat Vision reports. Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, who are penning Doctor Strange for Marvel, are in talks to write the script.

Published by Image Comics, the six-issue miniseries is set in an alternate timeline during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, when, with casualties mounting and enlistments dwindling, the U.S. military develops an experimental program that gives ordinary soldiers superpowers. When a group of con artists enlists in the military with a scheme to steal the pills and sell them to foreign buyers, one of the criminal super-soldiers emerges as a hero when their plan goes wrong. Three issues have been published to date.

War Heroes was originally set up in 2008 at Columbia Pictures, with Michael De Luca producing, and comes to Universal in turnaround.

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