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Five issues into the series, Valiant Entertainment provides readers with an all-new arc that serves as a jumping on point for new readers in “Unity” #5 written by Matt Kindt and drawn by CAFU with colors from Brian Reber and letters from Dave Sharpe. Set on a task by MI6, Livewire goes missing in Taiwan, which serves as the impetus for Ninjak reuniting with the Eternal Warrior and X-O Manowar.

Kindt brings a credible, intriguing backstory to the Valiant Universe, including a collection of super-powered individuals from the 1930s, which — along with a four-page sequence that sells the book and elevates Ninjak to complete badass status — helps “Unity” #5 overcome lots of exposition and move forward in an interesting manner. There’s action other than the Ninjak battle, but truly the promise of action seems more heavily weighted towards “Unity” #6. Without a doubt, however, what comes next has a very solid foundation courtesy of Matt Kindt’s work in this comic as the writer has defined a credible threat for this group of characters to face.

The opening scene of Livewire on mission in Taiwan is relatively quiet, but filled with lush detail as CAFU establishes his style for this issue. As mentioned previously, the Ninjak scene really hits the reader in the face, showcasing a total visual collaboration between CAFU, colorist Brian Reber and letterer Dave Sharpe. As Ninjak scopes out a scene, hoping to follow a trail, caption boxes identify his opponents. In the first panel of that scene, the boxes are mirror imaged when the reader meets Ninjak to represent the heads up display Ninjak is viewing as he surveys his foes. As “Unity” #5 continues on, though CAFU’s figures get more wiry than I’m accustomed to seeing from him, but CAFU’s style serves the story and the figures move through the panels nicely.

“Unity” #5 is an engaging story with a solid cliffhanger that does a fine job of bringing readers up to speed on the threat of Dr. Silk. This team strikes me as the Defenders of the Valiant Universe, except with a backer who brings them all together. The personalities don’t all blend, but the quartet is effective together and realizes that together they can accomplish more than each can do individually, much like the creative team of this comic.