United Free Worlds #3

As Cynotaur dismantles the UFW army he recalls his battles in the minister's coliseum of death. After defeating 12 of the universe's worst creatures, the minister warns Cynotaur of a civilization that would enjoy processing Cretorians and dinosaurs into fuel. Cynotaur prepares to retreat underground, secretly worrying for his planet's survival.

-Continuing the epic miniseries originally published by Fantasy Prone!

-The newest indie sensation makes its home at Devil's Due!

-The most visually kinetic book on the stands! You won't believe your eyes when you read this book!

-Written by Blake Leibel, creator of TO HELL AND BACK and illustrated by Patrick Blaine (Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War)

-Featuring an incredible cover by the legendary Steve Skroce (The Matrix, Doc Frankenstein)!

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