Unique, Smallville, Tintin, Hellboy, more: Comic Reel Wrap for January 15th


Our friends at Platinum Studios emailed us about a story in the Hollywood Reporter, noting their sci-fi parallel planets property "Unique," an upcoming graphic novel that's been optioned by Touchstone Pictures. David Goyer ("Blade") is attached to direct.

"Unique" is written by Dean Motter ("Mister X," "Batman: Nine Lives") and drawn by Italian artist Stefano Cardoselli ("Heavy Metal," "2000AD") and will see print next year. "Unique" is about a man literally caught between two parallel worlds who learns he's the only one who can save them both.


TV Guide talked to actor Ian Somerhalder about his six-episode stint on the WB hit show. The article reveals some spoilers, but mostly talks about his mysterious role as Adam Knight, and getting up close and personal with a certain actress. "This is not your average guest-star plot," Somerhalder said. "I didn't even want to see a meteor rock. I didn't want to be on set with a glowing green thing. I'd rather be on set with Kristin Kreuk, who plays Lana. Screw those rocks." Also, Kryptonsite caught up to the senior Luthor, John Glover, who talked about fan reactions to recent family ties. "Bravo," he says. "That's the point, right? That's good drama. But I guess they don't understand why I'm doing it. Because Lex needs it. He has big problems. I'm just trying to be a good father." Finally, the Vancover Sun has an interview with Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) who discusses the affects of success in her life.


Dark Horizons reports that director Steven Spielberg may be in talks to direct three adaptations of the French comic, looking at a 2006 release date. They say, "The three movies to be made apparently will be based on two of the two-part comics (the space one is considered too 'old fashioned') and one using two comics with the same characters."


All the sites are getting a peek -- today Ain't It Cool News' Mr. Beaks raved about his viewing of the 45 minute show reel for the film. Warning: he does reveal some spoilers.


Comics Continuum has a story about Ben Ramsey's draft of a feature for the hero-for-hire. Marvel's Kevin Feige reports that the concept is moving forward at Sony and could be on track for a 2005 release. "Ben Ramsey turned in one of the best drafts that I have ever read," Feige said. "It's going to have a totally unique flavor from all of our films. It's totally contemporary Cage and a helluva lot of fun." When asked about the infamous "Sweet Christmas!" exhortation, Feige said it would be included, but not in a retro fashion. "All of the movies we've done take place in modern day, but it's about finding a hip and contemporary way to get in some of those classic references."


Moviehole reports that things are brewing for the Man of Steel down under. They report that "Superman" is all set to film at Fox Studios In Sydney. "It reportedly has paid deposit for Fox Studios last week and will move in when MASK and STEALTH vacate," their scooper said. "Steven Jones to be UPM."


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