'UnionAllied' Looking to Improve Hell's Kitchen in "Daredevil"

The latest tease for the "Daredevil" Netflix series, released Friday via Twitter, isn't especially juicy -- it's a picture of a billboard displayed on a building -- but it potentially could have major implications on the show's plot. It's a purported ad for a company called "UnionAllied," with the stated goal of "Improving the neighborhood, one block at a time."

It's not much of a stretch to guess that with something like "Daredevil," a corporation advertising what seems to be a noble goal may actually be up to no good. It's easy to speculate that it may somehow be connected to the Kingpin, played on the series by Vincent D'Onofrio, who in Marvel Comics lore has a long history of shrouding his illegal activities behind legitimate businesses.

Of course, those are all just guesses until the show -- all 13 episodes -- arrives April 10 on Netflix, the first of five Marvel Television series planned for the streaming service.

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