The 20 Most Unforgettable Moments In The Injustice Series (So Far)

The world of Injustice: Gods of Among Us is unlike any other in the DC Universe. Since the release of the 2011 fighting video game, the world of Injustice has been cracked wide open in spin-offs and comic book tie-in comics. The Injustice comics have been packed to the brim with emotionally gripping, terribly tragic moments starring everyone’s favorite DC Comics characters -- and plenty of deep cuts. Honestly, Injustice is the Justice League book you’ve been waiting for, if that means seeing Booster Gold and Plastic Man every week while also witnessing the permanent death of one of the DC’s mainstays -- this series pulls no punches.

So when we talk about unforgettable moments in the pages of these books, it’s hard to narrow them down. Each issue of the digital-first series packs a punch, usually leaving readers with some sort of exaggerated emotion. And no, we’re not just talking about that time Metropolis was destroyed by a nuclear bomb or when Superman unknowingly killed his own wife and child. No, we’re not even talking about Superman punching through Joker’s heart. We know those. Here are the most unforgettable moments of the Injustice comics so far.

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The pages of Injustice: Gods Among Us have seen their fair share of character deaths, but none seem to have drawn the short straw quite like the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan, of course, is on Superman's side and ends up as a Yellow Lantern. John Stewart is impaled by Sinestro. Kyle Rayner is suffocated and then ripped apart by Sinestro Corps members. Oh, and Guy Gardner has his arm ripped off by Hal before he's sent tumbling to the ground.

But the worst may be when Superman kills the Guardians of the Universe and then pushes Mogo directly into the sun, proclaiming "we can guard ourselves." And while Injustice 2 shows us that there are still operational Green Lanterns, they've certainly taken a major hit.


Sometimes, Injustice takes its real world awareness way too far. So when Batman's resistance starts to gain traction against Superman's overpowered Regime, Clark Kent takes things into his own hands -- more specifically his Twitter fingers. Yeah, that's right, Superman reveals to the world that Bruce Wayne is Batman on none other than America's favorite social media platform: Twitter.

Sure, Superman could have done this any number of ways, but this specific action goes a long way to show us just how ruthless Superman can be.

If you really sit and think about it, Superman has to have an enormous following on Twitter, and he's surely verified. Though Batman tried his best to not let this even phase him, as Batman does. What's next? Hal Jordan rejoins the Green Lantern Corps by listing them on his LinkedIn?


Probably the most recent addition to this list is the arrival of Red Lantern Dex-Starr to the Injustice universe. Fans of DC Comics will know him as the precious cat that became blood red with rage after being kicked out of his loving home following the death of his owner. If you've played Injustice 2, you'll know that Dex-Starr only shows up as part of Atrocitus' moveset. All that in mind, boy did he make an entrance in Injustice 2.

While a large portion of the Green Lantern Corps has been long gone in the series, Tomar-Re takes center stage here and is subsequently -- and mysteriously -- cut down via a quick slash to the throat. Pull back and we're shown Dex-Starr (and Atrocitus), but there's something about an evil, blood-spewing cat that's just so unsettling. Sure, we saw his origin earlier, but this was his true reveal.


Another recent addition to the packed ensemble cast of the Injustice comics, Athanasia Al Ghul came as quite a surprise to fans. Sister to Damian Wayne and daughter to Bruce and Talia, Athanasia was essentially kept a secret from Batman, yet she blames him for not being there for her literally at all as she grew up.

In many ways, she's Damian had he never been taken in by Batman, though Damian's own motives in Injustice can and should be questioned.

She also holds the regard of being one of the only unique characters to the Injustice universe, as she doesn't exist in the main DC Comics continuity. She's currently in the pages of Injustice 2, wreaking ample havoc on the world with her mother and grandfather.


While unsettling for some, we can't help but call this moment unforgettable. In a recent issue of the Injustice 2 comic, readers learn that Orca and Killer Croc are actually... romantically intertwined (and have a baby on the way!), as a short way of putting it. This information is basically prodded out of them by Deadshot, who honestly can't help himself by asking way too many questions about the specifics of the relationship.

And sure, that interaction ends with Killer Croc slamming Deadshot's head into a pretty solid wall, but it goes a long way in showing the gruesome humanity of the Injustice series. Sure, someone was brutally injured, but it was a lighter moment given the fact that it's about villains and love. It really doesn't get much better than that.


During the early events of the Injustice comic, the Teen Titans are sent into the Phantom Zone, including leader Tim Drake. Flash forward to the Injustice 2 tie-in series, and he, along with Starfire and Wonder Girl, escape the Phantom Zone and make an attempt to team up with those who stood against Superman's regime. Unfortunately, the reunion didn't last long.

Literally right after Red Robin makes contact with Batman, Tim Drake is blasted by General Zod's heat vision, killing him right then and there. It was a quick moment and hit hard, something not totally uncommon in the Injustice comics, and another blow the tragedy of Batman and the slow, but sure loss of the Bat Family. We feel for you, Bats, and it's not the same without Tim.


The first major mystery of the Injustice 2 comic series (set between the events of the first and second game) was that there was a now-murderous Batman doppelgänger killing baddies and wreaking havoc on this twisted DC Universe.

Even more recently it was revealed that said murderous Batman was actually Jason Todd (also known as Red Hood) masquerading as the Caped Crusader.

Now, those who have played Injustice 2 will know that Red Hood was one of the first downloadable fighter characters added to the game. And while he's not really mentioned in the game proper, we can only imagine that at some point Jason takes off the cape and cowl and dons the iconic Red Hood costume. Let's leave being Batman to the big guns, Jason.


Superman's fight with Kalibak, son of Darkseid, in the earlier issues of the Injustice comics is one of the most brutal, wretched fights of the entire series to date. Kalibak learns of Earth's "world peace" from his father and is commanded to lead a battalion of Parademons to take over the planet in its current state. Little does Kalibak know that the hero of Earth is no longer the pacifist he's been known as.

So when Kalibak and Superman begin to fight, the New God is caught off-guard by Superman's brutality, and despite moments where it seemed like the fight may be in Kalibak's favor, he is then quickly overpowered. The fight ends with Kalibak proclaiming his "god" status and Superman subsequently crushes Kalibak's head with his hands, pretty effectively killing him.


When the nuclear blast goes off in Metropolis in the opening moments of the Injustice comic, a handful of the Teen Titans are in the blast radius. Kid Flash is caught trying to outrun the blast wave and is vaporized, while Superboy attempts to shield Beast Boy, who ends up dying in the process.

When Superboy confronts Superman, they fight, and Connor, along with the rest of the Teen Titans are sent to the Phantom Zone by Superman.

Now, this might just seem like a clever way to explain why none of the Teen Titans showed up in the Injustice games, but it really feels a lot darker than that. The teens of the DC Universe were some of the first to oppose Superman's regime, and they were quickly taken off the board. They've recently returned, though some of them didn't exactly last long.


Commissioner Gordon plays an extremely important part to the first part of the Injustice comics, helping Batman and his resistance communicate and plan, even working with the likes of Lex Luthor. And if gruesome character deaths by the hands of wonderful heroes didn't tug on your heartstrings, then Gordon getting cancer from all of his smoking absolutely will.

Gordon's cancer is then exaggerated by the use of meta human pills that were given to members of the resistance without natural superpowers. After helping to capture Cyborg, Gordon's cancer finally gets the best of him. He has a final moment with his daughter and Batman before dying at the window to the Watchtower, overlooking the world. We honestly couldn't have imagine a better way for our favorite police commissioner to exit stage left.


In the world of Injustice, Harley Quinn had a change of heart following the Joker's death. She then becomes an unofficial member of Team Arrow, becoming incredibly close friends with Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen.

She even comes up with a name for the "team's" cave where she hangs out: The Quiver.

But their relationship really hammers home how wonderful the characters in Injustice are, and while this isn't necessarily one specific moment, every moment the three of them share on the page is pure joy to read. Harley even takes to watching over the pair's son when they're off doing secret spy things. Then, sometimes she lets him go along too. Harley Quinn is easily one of the most well-developed characters in Injustice, and her arc continues to be an emotional roller coaster that we're totally here for.


One of the things the Injustice comic series does extremely well is subtlety. And this was exactly the case in the final moments of Ted Kord, the original Blue Beetle, as he said goodbye to his closest friend Michael Carter, who you probably know as Booster Gold. Kord was basically assassinated, but his final moments revealed that the two may have been more than friends, and that is wonderful.

The subtlety in this scene had us crying for more of it, and though it was our first sighting of Blue Beetle in this alternate universe, we were given a window into his legacy. It also strengthens the bond between the new Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, which is slowly, but surely being explored in Injustice 2. They were the closest to Kord, so it only makes sense.


Alfred's death in Injustice may have been one of the most shocking and unforgettable moments in and of itself, but it was easily trumped by his return courtesy of the Lazarus Pits. Yep, Alfred was brought back to life, and was essentially void of any motor function for a good while. He's then held hostage by Raz Al Ghul before finally ending up with Batman and his crew.

It was a sad thing to watch, but then Alfred sort of got back to his old self.

Currently, he may be shot or held hostage again thanks to Talia al Ghul and her troupe, but that is to be revealed. For now, the tragedy of Batman having to watch who is essentially his father be tortured, killed and resurrected is some of the darkest this series has gotten.


In what is easily one of the coolest fights in Injustice, Superman fights Darkseid during the first game's comic tie-in. The two brawl on Apokolips as the planet's core threatens to rupture, killing its inhabitants. Of course, this doesn't really matter to evil Superman, who is just interested in "protecting" the citizens of Earth. The two pummel each other until it looks like Darkseid has the upper hand.

Much like his son, Kalibak, Darkseid is caught off guard by just how ruthless this Superman is. And the scenes of these two juggernauts going at each other, heat vision vs. Omega Beams, remains one of the standout moments from the entire series. And hey, at least we got to play as him in DLC for Injustice 2. 


When we last saw Superboy, he was headed into the Phantom Zone with his Teen Titans teammates in an attempt to save his own life after being totally thrashed by Superman. In Injustice 2, the Titans finally get out of the Phantom Zone with the help of Plastic Man and Batman's crew.

Superboy then meets up with Superman's Earth parents at the Fortress of Solitude, and that's when it happens.

Superboy returns, but he dons Superman's original costume, as his allies proclaim him the hero the world deserves. Unfortunately, Connor is nowhere to be found in the Injustice 2 video game, so are we to assume he's on his way out? Well, with Supergirl being the true hero we deserve, we'd say that's a pretty safe bet.


While there was a good portion of non-metahumans amped up on a special power pill (including members of the Gotham City Police Department), none struck a chord quite like Alfred. Alfred Pennyworth had enough of Superman's dictatorial reckoning, so he decided to go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel, and he honestly didn't do so bad.

Sure, the pill was helping him with super strength and durability, but that alone doesn't give one the courage to go up against a murderous Superman. Alfred even got a fantastic headbutt in on Superman, and though Alfred was eventually killed in Injustice (then brought back), this was his standout moment, for sure. And while the superhuman pills may have been one of the more campy moments in Injustice, it was incredibly satisfying to see characters like Alfred take on the big guns.


There are a lot of things about the Injustice Superman that seem incredibly out of character. Sure, he killed the Joker in a crime of passion and then quickly tried to take over the world and kill many of its heroes. But not much compares to Superman giving up his humanity and donning a Yellow Lantern ring, going into league with Sinestro.

But he does, and it is terrifying to behold, as his powers are enhanced, and he's that much more ruthless.

He is complicit in the murder of a number of Green Lantern Corps members, including John Stewart, and goes mad with fear on any number of his Regime cohorts. Luckily, this phase in his life didn't last long, and he returned to being evil dictator Supes shortly thereafter.


This moment was a long time coming. Since the launch of the Injustice comics, fans were waiting to see when writer Tom Taylor would finally introduce the lovable Plastic Man to the ever-expanding cast of characters. And when he does show up, he proves to be incredibly useful for Batman's resistance, and is even able to help his son break out of the Regime's prison.

And from then it's basically a father and son comedy scene every time the two of them are together. Though, we do flutter a little bit with worry that either one of them could be taken out at any moment. It's a good thing they are malleable, or that moment might have come a lot sooner. But for now, they are seemingly alive and kicking.


For someone as driven by the rules as Doctor Fate, this moment from the Injustice comics really caught fans by surprise. After the tragic death of Green Arrow in the "main" universe, Black Canary went toe-to-toe with evil Superman, and even managed to get him in the chest with a Kryptonite bullet.

Unfortunately, Supes then zaps Dinah with his heat vision.

In total disregard for his sacred vows, Doctor Fate abruptly proclaims "**** fate" and takes this world's Black Canary and her son to the Oliver Queen from another dimension and leaves them to a happily ever after. Though, they are both drafted into the events of Injustice 2, and so far are still alive. After all they've been through, we'd hate to see anything else happen to them.


Though the pages of Injustice are no stranger to death, one death has seemingly rose above the rest. Dick Grayson's sudden death sort of at the hands of Damian Wayne was one of the quickest, most emotional moments in the entire series. He basically gets knocked out, but hits his neck on a corner as he lands, killing him instantly. It happens in the heat of a fight, and no one knows immediately.

But this is dwarfed by Dick Grayson's eventual return to the series -- as Deadman. Yep, Boston Brand gives up his ability to sort of walk the Earth by passing it along to young Grayson, someone he finds much more in need of the powers of Deadman. So yeah, Nightwing is Deadman in the Injustice universe.

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