The Unexpected Explores The Once Again Infinite Earths Of The DC Multiverse

Expect The Unexpected

The Unexpected make their debut rescuing the newly metahuman Firebrand from the clutches of Alden Quench aka The Bad Samaritan. Quench is traveling the multiverse, stealing Conflict Engines which will power the Fires of Destruction, the opposing force to The Unexpected’s leader Neon The Unknown. Viking Judge serves a role within the team where she can sense a person’s crimes through the power of Bright Marshall her mystical axe — something we saw in her recent cameo in Supergirl — and she notes that Quence had already killed the Wonder Woman of Earth-462 in a manner similar to how he wants to kill Firebrand.

Earth-462 was only ever shown on panel once in the history of DC Comics, during Infinite Crisis where Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl can be seen fighting Per Degaton as Alexander Luthor Jr works on combining the infinite Earths into something that resembles his idea of a perfect world. The Wonder Woman of this world is based on the incarnation from the 1974 television movie, played by Cathy Lee Crosby while Wonder Girl is based on Drusilla from the 1977 Wonder Woman television series.

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Earth-462 isn’t the only Earth mentioned, either, as Alden Quench references Ethan Avery of Earth-898. Avery is the alter-ego of Damage, another New Age of DC Heroes character starring in his own book currently, while there have been two Earth-898’s in the history of the DC Multiverse. The first was the setting for Alan Davis’ Justice League: The Nail, a series where a flat tire causes the Kents to not discover Superman and has a major impact on the history of the DC Universe. The other Earth-898 also featured in Infinite Crisis and was home to Western heroes such as Bat-Lash, Jonah Hex and El Diablo; considering the Earth-462 mentioned earlier, it’s likely that it was a Western version of Damage killed by Quench.

The return of the DC Multiverse is thrilling because it opens up so many doors to explore not just for The Unexpected but for the entire DC superhero line. We know that Barry Allen is taking a trip to the House of Heroes in the wake of “Flash War” so we’re likely to get a better look at the state of the new multiverse in the coming month. But for now the DCU has never been quite so open, inviting and, indeed, unexpected.

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