Unearthing the Secrets of the "Gen13 Zine"

THE EPIC GEN13 RE-READ: "The Gen13 Zine"

This is the epitome of Gen13 in one small package.


There's lots of gold in the way of behind the scenes material, too, including stuff that's not directly relevant to the comic. Editor Sarah Becker takes a page to tell the story of how she ended up on The Real World. The courtship of Jeff Campbell and his wife is detailed, including how his fated-to-be-wife was Becker's roommate for a few months when she visited the States. There's also discussion about how this didn't help the schedule for the series, and how they had new plans to have Campbell only do 8 or 9 issues a year after this. I don't think he lasted that long on the book after this.

There are also interviews with all the creators on the series, including a pretty good one with Jeff Campbell and one with Jim Lee. There's even a pic of Jim Lee in drag (it was Halloween) with that interview.


Emerald City Comic Con has come and gone now, leaving two announcements, in particular, that excite me:

  • Garth Ennis is returning to "Red Team" for a new nine issue mini-series. I loved the first mini-series, and think it's the best thing Dynamite has ever published. I didn't like the first issue originally, (in great detail), but it won me over quickly after it had established its style and the story started moving. Give that original series a read if you haven't tried it before.
  • Dark Horse rolled out its plans for the Moebius Library, something I had begun to think we'd never see in the States. The only Moebius book I've ever read was his Silver Surfer book with Stan Lee. I've always wanted to read more, but it's all been out of print in English since I started reading comics, basically. (Yes, there is the "Metabarons" stuff, but I couldn't get into it. I tried it, but it does nothing for me.) $50 for 344 pages of Moebius work sounds good to me, and I can't wait for October when it gets released.
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