Undiscovered Country Debuts First Look at Image's Next Breakout Series

The upcoming Undiscovered Country comic by writers Scott Snyder, Charles Soule and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli has revealed a first look at what fans can expect from the sci-fi series.

Deadline debuted three pages from Undiscovered Country, along with an interview with the creative team that sheds some light on the comic's themes.

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Undiscovered Country feels like the right book at the right time, to me,” Soule said. “A huge concept that lets us look at the great American experiment through an action/adventure lens, and a premise that gives us the ability to use the massive mythology, history and iconography of the US to do just about anything we want.”

“This is not my first foray in creator-owned territory, but it definitely seems different—with Undiscovered Country, I immediately sensed that the scale I was measuring myself with was unprecedented,” Camuncoli said. “It’s such a thrilling and ambitious premise, with such a spectacular and sick world and cast of characters to design and build, the one that Scott and Charles came up with, that it felt like an irresistible call to me. Looks like I’m working on something special every day, and it’s electrifying.”

Snyder provided more details on the plot for Undiscovered Country, as well as its main players.

“The main characters in the story are a brother and sister, Daniel and Charlotte Graves, who were sent out of the US as children just before the nation sealed itself off from the world,” Soule explained. “Their parents seem to, possibly, have been involved in that event, known as the Sealing, and there’s a big mystery around it all. They are part of the seven-person expedition that re-enters the closed US to see what’s happened to it, and their story is central to everything. We also have Dr. Sam Elgin, the American scientist who issued the original invitation to the expedition, who seems to be dramatically changed once our crew meets him in the US, and the primary villain of the story’s first arc: the Destiny Man, a.k.a. the “black god of the desert.” Lots of amazing characters to meet in the story.”

A new synopsis from Image Comics reads:

Undiscovered Country takes place 30 years in the future in a territory once known as the United States that has been walled off after a global pandemic. Journeying into the interior, a diplomatic expedition in search of a cure is force to reckon with the truth about themselves and their mission as they traverse the strange land

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The first issue of Scott Snyder, Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli's Undiscovered Country goes on sale Wednesday, November 6 from Image Comics.

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