10 Underrated Anime You Can Watch Right Now On Funimation

The anime world is full of amazing shows like Naruto, Bleachand Dragon Ball Z, to name a very famous few. But there are a ton of anime shows out there that are either unheard of completely, or are not nearly as famous as they should be. Between the light fairy tales, the romance anime, and the endless amount of sports anime out there, there is a ton of content for anime fans to watch.

Luckily, Funimation is the place you can watch an endless stream of anime shows. They have hundreds of titles, all of which are worth watching, we're sure, but we've gathered a list of some amazing anime shows that unfortunately just don't get the attention they deserve. We've put the list in alphabetical order for you, and we hope that it convinces you to take a dive into some more unknown, but equally amazing anime shows.

Here are 10 Underrated Anime You Can Watch Right Now on Funimation.

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So, this is technically a sports anime, but it doesn't really read like one. Not in the traditional sense. Ikki is a middle-school boy, and he's a street fighter who is part of a gang.

He has four sisters, one of whom is part of another gang--and little does he know, he's about to be involved in a crazy amount of fights and aggressive skating action scenes (yes you read that right), which takes precedence over school. Throughout the show, he unlocks pieces of his past.


This show is slowly rising in popularity, but it's not quite famous yet. Which is fair, considering it's on the newer end of the spectrum of anime. In the anime, Earth is being threatened by a monster who was so strong that he destroyed more than half of the moon! He has an extensive list of powers and abilities.

Meanwhile, at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, the students have been offered a reward for killing the creature. But here's the twist: the monster? It's also his teacher.


Asta is a young orphan who was left at a church along with another Yuno. In a magical world, Asta is, unfortunately, not magical at all.

So, to make up for it, he goes through intense physical training in order to be seen as something of an equal. To rival that, Yuno was born with intense magic powers, and is especially talented at wind magic. While the series is based quite heavily on their rivalry, it's a great series to indulge in. There are evil organizations, magic stones, grimoires, and Anti-Magic.


This show has never quite made it into the mainstream as it should, but it's not exactly underrated. So because it's in this weird middle ground, we thought we should include it anyway, for the simple reason that it deserves better.

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It's a great anime; it has amazing superpowered fight scenes, hilarious moments that classic anime fans will love, and of course, a great prophecy for our main character to follow. If you like Naruto and One Piece then this is the anime for you.


It's not an underrated anime list unless there's at least one true sports anime on it. And out of all the sports anime out there, Free! is probably the most underrated one of all.

It's about a swimming team that is trying to make it to championships, but it is the most epic show you could ever imagine about swimming. It includes very real relationships that are relatable, loving, fun, and attainable. The rivalries are also well written and don't seem over the top like those in some other anime do.


One of the most underrated series of all time, Full Metal Panic should already be known as a classic to anime lovers everywhere. It follows Sousuke Sagara, who is part of a military organization and has to protect a high school girl named Kaname.

It is the perfect blend of teen drama and amazing action sequences. There's also a great level of mystery as he is so secretive that he does not reveal why he has to protect her (partially because he doesn't know all the reasons, but he wants to look cool).


Seriously speaking, this is one of the best anime shows out there, and it feels like few fans know about it. It's a great show, not for the faint of heart, as it's heavy with violence and blood, but it's amazing.

Between brutal fight scenes involving rival gangs, intense and complicated relationships between the three main characters, and what it means to be a good person, this show has it all. It even has a deaf character as one of the main characters, and just so you know, he is the best character in the show.


Yes, it's another sports anime. In all honesty, there are tons of great and underrated sports anime that deserve to have their own list. This is a bit of an older anime, made in 2012, but it's still amazing even after all this time.

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It's about two high school brothers who have to bring their team to the championship. It's basically the basis of every sports anime out there, but the tensions are high, and the relationships are amazing. Sports anime tend to do it like no one else can.


In the future, an online role-playing game is released, but the players get to interact with it. That is basically a set up for disaster. It can be a bit of a confusing anime, but it's well worth the watch.

It intertwines the real world and the virtual one, and as the character figuring out what and who is real and who isn't. For a long period of time, the character believes he's trapped in the game, but then he realizes that maybe the game and reality are a lot closer than he believed!


Naofumi Iwatani was brought into a parallel world. But he isn't the only one. There are three other people who have been brought in from other worlds and were also given the same task as him. Become a hero, and use the legendary weapons to do it.

Naofumi got the shield, and because he and his teammates are the chosen ones, they think they will be respected. Except, not so much. They are shunned by basically everyone, and so he has to work very hard at saving the world and coming to terms with how dark the world can be. It's filled with amazing action sequences, humor, and an adorable love story.

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