Underoos make a comeback, this time for adults

The wishes of countless nostalgic comic book and animation fans appear to have been answered, because they can now purchase Underoos in adult sizes.

Produced by Fruit of the Loom beginning in 1978, the line of underwear -- "Underwear That's Fun to Wear!" -- allowed children to wear T-shirts and underpants that mimicked the costumes of their favorite comic book, cartoon and movie characters, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, C-3PO and Archie and Veronica.

Fruit of the Loom recently got out of the licensed children's wear business, only to turn around and license the Underoos name to another company, which is releasing the underwear in adult sizes through Hot Topic. For a limited time (apparently), you can buy seven sets, all of which come in suitably retro packaging: Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Captain America, Skeletor, Batgirl, He-Man and Superman.

It's perhaps not the widest selection for a brand that once boasted the likes of Robin, Shazam, Aquaman, Spider-Woman and Boba Fett, but perhaps if these do well, more will be released.

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(via Fashionably Geek)

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