<i>Undercovers</i> Insider: We're To Blame For Cancellation

Well, this is surprising. Before the dust has even settled on yesterday's cancellation of the JJ Abrams-produced spy series Undercovers, word is leaking out that Bad Robot is falling on the sword for its failure.

An anonymous insider on the show told Deadline,

Many things [went wrong with the show]. Mostly, what was meant to be a throwback lark of a show felt trivial to people. It felt flimsy and not compelling, partially because it was designed as a stand alone, non serialized show. Perhaps the stories lacked deeper interest and urgency. We tried to embrace a familiarity of form, but the public obviously didn't want something so familiar. Unfortunately we never got an audience from the get-go; our abysmal recent rating wasn't even one point lower than our premiere number. We just should have done better. It is a bummer to be sure.

Maybe most surprisingly of all is the lack of blame the insider had for NBC, which had massively promoted the show both before and after its launch:

NBC did the best they know how. We feel responsible for the failure, though. But damn, it sure would be easier to blame the network!

Does this mean that non-serialized shows - said to be the next big thing after the end of Lost - are back off the menu at Bad Robot? And, if so, will other producers follow?

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