"Undercard," New Boxing Comic Debuts At Stumptown

Official Press Release

UNDERCARD, a new six-issue serialized comic by creators Chris Gumprich ("Evening Shift") and Dennis Culver ("Funwrecker," "Plastic Farm"), will be debuting its first issue at the Stumptown Comics Festival, Table 70, October 29-30 in Portland, Oregon.

One of the very few boxing-related comics in recent history, UNDERCARD focuses on Joe White, a journeyman boxer who never got his shot at a championship. After losing everything, he finally sees a way out, unfortunately, it's through his iron-fisted protégé.

"Every boxing story seems to be about the underdog champion," Chris Gumprich, writer and co-creator, said, "but for every Rocky Balboa, there are thousands of other guys who never quite make it. UNDERCARD is about one of those guys - a past-his-prime loser who still thinks he has what it takes."

"I've always wondered why there weren't more boxing comics," said Dennis Culver, artist and co-creator, "for some reason it's an overlooked genre. But after Chris and I worked together on the ROUND FOUR mini last year, we both realized that there was a solid story to tell."

"We plan to self publish this in limited quantities on a quarterly basis and if demand is strong we'll publish in wide release as a trade paperback," said Gumprich. "However, if there is an interested publisher out there, we'd be willing to put this out at an accelerated pace. We feel so strongly about it that we're putting our money where our mouths are. It's not easy for either of us, but that's what the story's about - sometimes you have to make sacrifices."

UNDERCARD #1, cover price $5.00, won't be released until October 29, but it can be preordered at http://www.funwrecker.com/undercard.html

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