Underappreciated Artist Spotlight - Dan Spiegle

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Dan Spiegle rarely gets mentioned among the funnybook greats, but over recent years I've noticed a real trend towards a greater appreciation of what he brought to the 4 Color world.

My first exposure to Spiegle work was likely Gold Key's Space Family Robinson #42, but I really started to notice him as an arist (not knowing his name, just style) with the Nemesis back-ups in Brave and the Bold. Let me get this out of the way - I was not a fan. I thought it was all very ugly and amateurish. I was young, what can I say?

Over time, I really grew to enjoy his work. He manages to infuse the page with a lot of life and is a master storyteller. His characters all seem real, and he draws the best thugs in the game. What surprised me most while trying to compile art for this thread was how incredible he was at drawing background scenery and landscapes.

His 80s Blackhawk run is my favorite - although I love every Korak story I see.

Here are some examples of his art. The first is a wordless page from Crossfire.

It is beautifully constructed. I'd love to see Mark Evanier's script for that page (paging Mr. Evanier.... Mr. Mark Evanier).

The next page is from the Archie Comics Groupʼs Red Circle title, the Black Hood.

This page could almost be wordless, as the story moves along beautifully and the emotions etched on the faces tell the story. It is downright Tothian. Perfect storytelling.

Finally, hereʼs a gorgeous double page splash from an early 70s issue of Star Spangled War Stories.

You can see just how committed Spiegle is to totally engaging the reader and immersing them in the setting.

If you're not convinced, take another look at Spiegle work (Blackhawk, Space Family Robinson and Korak can be found for peanuts) and just let this master tell you a story.

Marvel's Avengers: Iron Man #1

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