Under The Memes: 15 Hilariously Dank Aquaman Memes

Aquaman has been made fun of a lot since his debut in 1941. While he became a pop culture figure in the '70s with the Super Friends animated TV show, he wasn’t taken very seriously. Riding a giant purple seahorse is not the best way to garner a serious rep. In his different iterations since then, there have been numerous attempts to make him more interesting, including a period in the '90s where he had a harpoon for a hand like an underwater Captain Hook. His backstory continued to change, including in the New 52 line, and his look overall remained consistently blonde.

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Then Warner Bros. decided to switch things up and cast Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones fame to play the Atlantean king, Arthur Curry. Now, fans and newbies alike are starting to take Aquaman seriously. Those muscles! That hair! That scar! Everyone is a little bit thirsty for Aquaman now, but there’s no need to take it seriously. This time, let’s laugh with Aquaman instead of just at him (although we probably will laugh at him too). Here at CBR, we’re taking a look at some funny memes of Aquaman to whet our appetites for more in DCEU films to come.


Jason Voorhees just wants to protect his Crystal Lake from intruders, right? So really, he’s an environmentalist. The constant we have in the Friday the 13th movies is that he, and the copycat killers, will always return to Crystal Lake. Perhaps he’s resurrected so much because hooligans are always messing with his turf, which makes Jason, basically, the angry old man who wants us out of his front yard.

Aquaman (the other Jason), prefers to get back into water as soon as possible because that’s where he feels the most powerful. It’s not entirely impossible that these two worlds would collide. Our money is on Aquaman though. A trident can be thrown from a distance, making it a way more effective weapon than a machete.



There are a number of claims here that we’re not going to dispute. First of all, yes: Jason Momoa always looks fantastic. Anyone who has seen him in Dothraki garb will attest to this, as well as those who may have seen him when he won Hawaii’s Model of the Year in 1999. We are not exaggerating when we say Jason Momoa has model good looks.

Based on the footage we’ve seen of Justice League, he does look great in green tights, which is a difficult look to pull off (green tights go Peter Pan very easily). Lastly, not only is he Hawaiian, but Jason Momoa was part of Baywatch Hawaii, which aired from 1999-2001. So, he’s got experience with swimming and saving people already.


There are plenty of fish in the sea, but all the ladies want Aquaman. However, we can’t hold out for our ideal of perfection because then we’d get lonely. We could have settled for Aquaman’s Super Friends golden haired appearance (he’s little too clean cut and wholesome for our taste), but we’d definitely upgrade his wardrobe. A closet full of orange and green hurts the eyes.

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, on the other hand, gives off bad boy vibe that many have fallen for in their lives. All those tattoos and that unkempt hair -- our mothers probably wouldn’t want us to bring a guy that looks like that home, but too bad! We’d get on a seahorse and ride away with Aquaman into the Pacific in a heartbeat.



Talk about Transportation Security. If we saw Aquaman on our flight, we wouldn’t make fun of him. We’d be relieved that if anything went down, he’d be there to save us. Provided the emergency involved landing in a huge body of water.

For other airline emergencies, Superman would be useful (if we’re staying with DC), and Storm would be an excellent Marvel hero to rescue us. There are tons of flying superheroes, let’s be honest, so for making small talk with the passenger next to you, we think we’re going to stick with having Aquaman on our long flight. And for the record, Aquaman does have superhuman strength and can jump pretty far, so he wouldn’t be completely without a plan in an emergency situation.


We can’t think about Ned Stark without weeping a sea of tears, but we’ll try. In the Game of Thrones series, Ned Stark was honorable to a fault. Like many characters played by Sean Bean, this character flaw led to his demise. Though he placed too much trust in goodness prevailing, he was a perceptive man. He put together Joffrey’s and Gendry’s true parentage without much to go on -- there wasn’t any DNA testing in Westeros.

What Ned did not anticipate is that a former Dothraki king would in fact become a king of the seas. Jason Momoa’s character Khal Drogo tragically died, but with Warner Brothers’ help was reborn a superhero. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some fan fiction to write.



Maui is a powerful demigod whose legends appear in Polynesian, Hawaiian, and Disney culture, among others. In the movie Moana, Maui can shapeshift with the power of a fishhook, and he’s quite strong: he can lasso the sun and pull up islands. He even gave the people fire! He’s the namesake of a Hawaiian island, and to the best of our knowledge, there aren’t any islands named after any Justice League characters.

But, Maui’s not as cut as Jason Momoa, our own god of beefcake. However, Maui has tattoos that can move and talk to him, and neither Jason Momoa nor Aquaman have tattoos like these. We’ll just call this comparison a draw, though we’re curious to see a weightlifting contest between these two characters.


Friends don’t let friends eat other friends. When you’re Aquaman, you have some friends with very sharp teeth who can be much larger than you. Though Aquaman has the power to communicate with sea life, it doesn’t mean the communication is always effective. We can only imagine what sharks want to talk about (we’re guessing underwater basket weaving. How does it work?).

And we’ve all been in a situation where our best friend snaps at us because he or she is getting hangry. This is one of the downsides of being friends with one of the most feared creatures on Earth. When your shark bestie is hangry, give him a Snickers bar (save the seals!), and then let him come to you to apologize later.



It’s the fight of the ages – who gets to be whom in a group Justice League cosplay. We like being Batman because it’s an excuse to speak in an exaggerated gravelly voice all night. Superman is a classic, instantly recognizable costume no matter what party you’re heading to (even a party outside of a comic book store).

Dressing up as the Flash gives you freedom to be high energy and run around all night. In Raj’s case from The Big Bang Theory, dressing up as Aquaman had him shackled to a purple seahorse. Have no fear, guys: the new Aquaman costume is awesome. Gold scales, green tights, wild hair -- it’s very rock and roll. We predict it’ll be the costume to fight over in Halloweens to come.


Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen, though the way that they were introduced was less than ideal, they loved each other nonetheless. Daenerys loved Drogo so much the she tried to resurrect him using magic, and she named her favorite dragon, Drogon, after him.

In the last season, Jaime Lannister tried to kill Daenerys as she was setting fire to their stolen goods from Highgarden. However, Drogon was a good boy and blew a fiery blast at him, and Jaime was only saved of a burning death by Bronn knocking him into the river. As Jaime sank, he had to have thought: shouldn’t have messed with this queen, and we like to think that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman watched this all go down with a smirk on his face.



“They see me rollin’. They hatin’. Patrollin’ they teasin’ me for ridin’ fishies.” Transportation-wise, the other Justice League members have got it going on. Superman and Wonder Woman can fly on their own. The Flash runs fast. Batman has money to buy anything that goes fast. Cyborg has machinery built into his body that makes him speedy (and overall awesome).

Poor Aquaman, on the other hand, doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to keeping up with the rest of the crew on land. Either he has to take a roundabout way by using water, or he has to abandon his beloved purple seahorse and upgrade to the flying fishes. Or, the team can be an actual team and help him along, like the Justice League trailer suggested.


Maybe the public hasn’t heard a lot about Aquaman in the past because he’s actually good at his job. If you stop the average person on the street and ask them to name a DC villain, chances are they’re going to say “Joker,” or “Zod.” They likely wouldn’t be able to name a Aquaman villain. Perhaps this is an indicator of job performance. If this is the case, the fact that the most well-known DC villains are from Gotham City doesn’t make Batman look too good.

Let’s imagine for a moment a superhero performance report like the ones corporate America use. Question one: how many people have heard about your villains? Question two: are you in a position where you could say “release the Kraken” and mean it? Aquaman passes with flying colors, you guys.



Martha is a pretty common name -- so common, in fact, that both Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent’s mothers were named Martha. We see this revelation play out dramatically in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Having a mom named Martha appears to be a prerequisite to be in the Justice League, so Aquaman rewrites some of his personal history to fit their requirements.

As for the remaining Justice League members, we’ll have to bend the truth a little bit to make them fit the Martha mold. For example, Wonder Woman’s mother actually goes by HippolMartha. Flash’s mother is called “the fastest Martha alive.” As for Cyborg’s mother, we suppose RoboMartha will have to work (and we’d be curious to see a movie based on that title).


Is there anything more satisfying than knowing you’re taking care of your body? An aquatic exercise regimen is low impact and highly effective at toning -- it’s one of the few things that the elderly and Michael Phelps have in common. Since Aquaman is always super swole, his swimming exercise routine must be working out for him.

We can imagine that the Aquaman diet is also healthy: probably a lot of seaweed and protein (not fish though. Fish are friends, not food). As for the recommended glasses of water per day, he’s probably got that covered. It’s part of the territory. We know that clear urine means we’re fully hydrated, and that’s what Aquaman would want us to have. As long as we’re not releasing it in his oceans.



Overfishing is a global problem right now. We can thank the popularity of sushi and poke for that. When he’s not busy defending the ocean from threats, we would imagine that the greatest activist against overfishing would be Arthur Curry himself, Aquaman. A trip to a sushi bar is likely his worst nightmare, second only to walking down the grocery store aisle where the fish and meats are displayed. We can only sit here and imagine him reminiscing about his dead and fallen brethren:

“Oh, my dearest Cod, you deserve a better final resting place than a bed of chips. Mackerel, the only grilling you should be doing is asking me questions about the Justice League. Sister Sardine, you will always have a pizza my heart.”


We’ve all got our romantic ideal of love that we’ve dreamt about. Close your eyes, and imagine your dream girl: Hair red as marinara sauce. Skin luminous like fresh mozzarella cheese. Eyes as green as bell peppers. Oh wait, that’s our favorite pizza recipe.

This description also fits Mera, Aquaman’s sweetheart whom we can assume he loves as much as we love pizza. Mera is Aquaman’s wife and the mother of his baby, Arthur Curry, Jr. She is, in her own right, a queen, but she chose to be with Aquaman. We hope to see more of this relationship play out in the DCEU films. Until we see more of Mera, we’ll deal with this anticipation with our greatest love all: an extra large pizza.

What are your favorite Aquaman memes? Let us know in the comments!


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