'Under the Dome' Gets Magnetic, Deadly in Season 2

You'd hope that an impenetrable and invisible barrier surrounding your town would be the worst aspect of your life, but then you wouldn't be living in the world of Under the Dome. Based on the 2009 novel by Stephen King, the CBS series took the basic concept and went in different directions when it debuted last summer. Variety reports that, with the premiere of Season 2, the dome gets even more dangerous when it turns magnetic -- as the new promo illustrates.

Meanwhile, Variety's Debra Birnbaum tweeted a message that won't come as much of a surprise: "EP @NealBaer says in season two of #UnderTheDome another beloved character will meet an untimely death."

The second, 13 episode season of CBS's Under the Dome kicks off on June 30.

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