Uncut Negan Introduction On Its F-ing Way to Home Video

Anchor Bay and AMC have unveiled the box art and extras for the "Walking Dead" Season 6 Blu-ray/DVD set that will include brand-new audio commentaries, deleted scenes, six new featurettes and, most importantly, an uncensored version of Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) too-edgy-for-television introduction.

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The set will feature Negan's entire "eeny-meeny-miny-moe" speech -- adapted directly from the comics -- with all the original profanity. The final cut of the scene was edited for its original broadcast on AMC.

On shooting two versions of the scene, executive producer and director Greg Nicotero previously said, "[W]e had to shoot the Blu-ray version, which had a lot of the swearing and a lot of Negan's colorful language, and then we had to shoot the broadcast version. So when you get the DVD or the Blu-ray version, that will have the full Negan speech from the graphic novel."

The Blu-ray and DVD will be sold for a suggested retail price of $79.99 and $69.98 USD, respectively.

Bonus features on "The Walking Dead" Season 6 Blu-ray set include:

  • Inside "The Walking Dead" (DVD ONLY)
  • Episode 616: Last Day On Earth -- The Extended Version (BLU-RAY ONLY)
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Making of "The Walking Dead"
  • In Memoriam
  • 601: Out of The Quarry
  • Guts & Glory: The Death of Nicholas
  • Strength in Bonds
  • Negan: Someone to Fear
  • The Face of Death: Iconic Walkers of The Season

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"The Walking Dead" Season 6 releases on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on August 23. Season 7 of the hit zombie series debuts this fall on AMC.

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