Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1 Review

Writing a comic based on the ideas of Grant Morrison is an interesting situation for a writer (or writerS) to be in. On the one hand, who would pass up a chance to work on a comic based on ideas that Grant Morrison, the preeminent "idea man" in superhero comics, came up with? On the other hand, it is putting yourself in a lose-lose situation. People will likely give Morrison credit for the good stuff, while giving the writers the blame for the bad parts.

Oddly enough, that's exactly what happens in Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1, which, as an introduction issue, is fun to read mainly because it is essentially just stating Morrison's ideas for the characters, which are quite fun. Where Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray take the characters from HERE will be all on them, and it will be interesting to see if they can capitalize on the promise shown in this first issue.

Quickly enough, here are capsule summaries of each main member

- Phantom Lady, daughter of a Senator, Paris Hilton as a superhero

- Doll Man, if G. I. Joe was a real person without growing in size

- Human Bomb, relying on "nanoganics" to keep him from just flat-out exploding, killing everyone around him.

- The Ray, cub reporter who gained powers after studying a comet's approach to Earth.

And they all work for SHADE, Super Human Advanced Defense Executive.

Now, is that a cool sounding book or what?

Meanwhile, DC is bringing their rising exterior star, Daniel Acuña, on to interiors, and he does a surprisingly good job (I was afraid his painted style would look too stitled inside). While he has a SLIGHT problem with making the movements of each character seem fluid, it's a lot better than I expected, and more than made up for by the boldness of his paints. Javi Mountes' colors basically just follow up how Acuña's style is designed for, so that was fine.

Although, is Father Time a Morrison creation, as well? Because he is awfully lame. His super-lameness really dragged the issue down for me. Luckily, he is not THAT big of a prescence in the comic. I want him gone, and quick.

The sooner Uncle Sam is leading these folks as the new Freedom Fighters, the better. And what a cool ending. Major coolness.

All in all, I would recommend the comic, with the reservation being that Father Time is majorly lame.

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