Uncharted Director Neil Burger Proves He Knows His Stuff

Fans were relieved to hear in May that David O. Russell finally quit the planned film adaptation of Uncharted following an outcry against the creative direction his interpretation was taking. It was, let's just say, different. Now Limitless director Neil Burger is on for the project, and he demonstrated a in recent interview that... well, that he actually understands the spirit of the series.

"I haven’t seen [Russell's] screenplay on it," he said in an interview with Crave Online. "Mainly we’re beginning from scratch and going back to the video game. Because there’s a lot of cool stuff, actually, from the video game."

This is true. The PlayStation 3-exclusive series of games all play out like interactive blockbuster movies. More than that, though, Burger seems to recognize what makes Nathan Drake a compelling character. The big complaint with Russell's take is that it strayed too far from the spirit of the series, but it sounds like that won't be a problem with the new director.

"It’s really up to date in its own way," Burger said of the series."This is a very different kind of treasure hunt movie. It’s very real and it has kind of an insane, wild feeling that comes out of the character; [Nathan Drake] being this con man and a bit of a hustler, living by his wits, ballsy and capable of anything."

Burger also mentioned that he's familiar with the fan-led Internet campaign to get Nathan Fillion cast in the role of Drake. He's not ready to talk about casting with things being so early, but the recognition is welcome at least. There are still plenty of ways that this could all go wrong, but Burger's words here at least offer some hope that the right line of thinking is in place.

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